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Step 3: Test Your Reference Video Skill on an Echo Show Device (VSK Echo Show)

For this final part of setting up the video skill, you must log into your Echo Show device with the same account as your Alexa Developer Account. You must also use your smartphone to log into the Alexa App, again by using that account.


Set up and register your Echo Show device using the same developer account related to your video skill. Note the following:

  • If your device is already registered to another user, do a factory reset and register it with your developer account. (Or you can see Deregister a Device to deregister it through
  • You need the Alexa smartphone app to complete the device setup. If you don't already have this app, download it and sign in with your developer account.
  • Set up your Echo Show with your developer account. See Set Up Your Echo Device with a Screen for details.
  • Make sure both your Alexa smartphone app and Echo Show are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa smartphone app on your phone and sign in with the same developer account.
  2. Tap Devices Devices button in Alexa app in the bottom navigation bar and then select All Devices. Confirm that your Echo Show device appears in your app.

  3. From the app's home screen:
    • Tap the menu button (upper-left corner) Menu button in Alexa app .
    • Tap Settings and then tap TV & Video.
  4. Scroll down the list and look for the video skill you created earlier. (It will appear at the bottom.)
  5. Tap the plus button next to your video skill.

    You should see your new skill's details.

    Your skill has been successfully linked
    New skill's details
  6. Tap Link Your Alexa Device. This will guide you to an AWS Cognito OAuth workflow:

    • Tap Sign up at the bottom.
    • Create an account with a valid email address and password.
    • When you receive an email with a verification code, use it to confirm your account.

    When you are done, a new page opens up in your browser that indicates your skill has been successfully linked.

    Your skill has been successfully linked
    Your skill has been successfully linked
  7. Select the Alexa Echo Show devices on which you want to enable this skill, and tap Save. (You can now close the Alexa app.)


If you have issues, you can log into the AWS console, and go to the AWS Cognito Section. Follow this process to resolve:

  1. Click Manage User Pools.
  2. Select your skill's user pool (it is named after your project name).
  3. On the left under General Settings, click Users and Groups.
  4. Manually confirm users, or create new users, if needed.

Step 2: Test Video Skill

  1. Turn to your Echo Show device and say, "Alexa, go to Video Home."

    The logo image asset for your video skill should appear:

    Your video skill logo appears on Video Home
    Your video skill logo appears on Video Home
  2. Tap on your video skill logo with your finger. (This initiates an Alexa directive to get browsable items from the sample catalog associated with your video skill.)

    A thumbnail from your catalog
    A thumbnail from your catalog
  3. Say to your Echo Show device, "Alexa, play The Commuter" or "Alexa, watch The Commuter".

  4. Try utterances such as "Search for The Commuter", "Search for movies by Jamie Foxx", "Search for Comedy movies", and "Search for Comedy TV Series by Jennifer Aniston" to ensure that the reference skill performs searching by video name, actor name, and genre.

Next Steps

You have successfully tested the reference video skill. Learn more about the mechanics of this project, starting with the Lambda Overview.

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020