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Amazon Developer Support Report

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At Amazon, our goal is to provide a wide array of apps for our customers to use and enjoy every day, available across a range of Amazon Devices and related products and services. Working collaboratively with developers is critical to our success. To that end, we provide developers with a straightforward publishing process, along with unique ways to launch, promote, and monetize their apps.

This page offers insights into how we support developers, the types of issues that were raised by developers globally via our developer support channel over the last 12 months (July 2022 to June 2023), and how those issues were resolved:

  • Our dedicated Amazon Developer Support team is focused on helping to improve the experience of developers through the support options we make available on our Developer Portal. These options include FAQs for common help topics, a knowledge base for top-requested developer issues, developer forums and our developer support “Contact Us” channel here.
  • Through our developer support channel, we identified 11,900 complaints where developers may have disagreed with our policies or decisions or may have been dissatisfied with our services.
  • The types of complaints we received were related to App Submission & Testing (85%), Technical Issues (11%), and Payments & Reporting (4%).
  • When working to resolve a complaint, we seek to understand the cause of the concern by investigating the issue and communicating with the developer. Through our developer support channel, we typically resolved 97% of the complaints we received, with 80% of those being resolved within the first few days after the developer contacted us via our developer support channel (we typically resolved 40% of complaints in less than 24 hours, 80% were processed in less than three days, and 97% in less than 15 days).
  • No requests for mediation were received from developers.

We are committed to supporting our global developer community. We believe doing so will help developers expand their reach, generate more innovation within Amazon Appstore and our related products and services, and increase the selection of apps for our customers. We are continually evaluating the policies and mechanisms we have in place to support the developer community and our customers. For further reading, please visit our Developer Portal.