Developer Console

Target Windows Devices

For information on how to set up your Windows environment, see Microsoft's documentation on Windows Subsystem for Android device requirements .

Submit apps for Windows devices

The option to select Windows devices appears on the Supported devices screen. Make sure to toggle support for Windows 11 devices on, as it is not active by default.

To target Windows devices in the Developer Console:

  1. For a new app—go to the Upload Your App File screen and upload your APK.
    For an existing app—select your app from the App List screen, then create a new version of your app by selecting Add Upcoming Version.
  2. On the Target Your App screen, click Edit supported devices for your uploaded binary file.
  3. In the Supported devices dialog, select the Windows Devices tab.
  4. Click the checkbox for Make your app available on Windows 11 Devices to support Windows 11 devices.

    Windows Devices tab with the Make your app available on Windows 11 Devices checkbox selected.

To confirm that Windows devices are targeted, go to the Supported devices section. Under your uploaded binary file, verify Windows Devices shows "1 selected".

One Windows device selected in the Supported devices section

To make sure your new app is compatible with Windows devices, see the Windows Compatibility Guide and Amazon's publishing guidelines. Then, follow the existing steps to publish an app on the Amazon Appstore.

View errors and observations

After you submit your app, the Appstore routes the app through its approval process before the app is actually published and made available for download. An App Status screen appears where you can track the status of your app submission.

You can filter by Windows devices in the App Status tab. In the image below, the user filters by Windows Devices and finds a warning about app button cropping.

Two issues identified. Observations: App features are not working - App buttons are cropped. Bug description: App buttons are cropped. Steps to reproduce: 1. Install and launch the app. Expected Result: The app buttons should not be cropped and work as intended.

Remove apps from Windows devices

You can remove an app from Windows devices in the Developer Console.

  1. Log in to the Developer Console and select App List.
  2. Select the appropriate app.
  3. Go to the Target Your App screen.
  4. In the Supported devices section, select Edit supported devices.
  5. On the Windows Devices tab, remove the check mark from Make your app available on Windows 11 Devices.

Last updated: Mar 05, 2024