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Amazon Appstore on Windows 11

Amazon Appstore on Windows 11

Seamlessly expand your customer reach.

Amazon Appstore is now available to Windows 11 customers in the US as part of public preview.
At this time, developer participation is part of a closed beta and only open to a selection of apps.

Windows 11 customers in the US with eligible hardware are able to preview the Amazon Appstore today. Customers can install the Amazon Appstore Android client through the Microsoft store to then access over 5,000+ existing apps in the Amazon Appstore catalog, with additional apps added as Amazon continues to work towards new feature enhancements.

Appstore in Windows 11

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Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 is currently available to a selection of apps as part of a closed beta. Sign up below to be notified about program updates and expansions. 


Frequently asked questions

As testing capabilities continue to expand, the Amazon Appstore is constantly testing new apps to be included in this preview phase. If you’re not developing for the Amazon Appstore today, the best way to get started is to submit your app to unlock the benefits of the Amazon Appstore.

 Amazon and Microsoft look forward to sharing more details on General Availability in 2022. 

Amazon Appstore preview is currently available in the U.S., and it will expand to five additional countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, by the end of this year.

If your app is included in the preview, you will see the “Windows Devices” tab in the Amazon Developer Portal under enabled devices. If you do not see this option, your app is not included in this phase of the program, however we will continue to add apps to the store as the program develops.

We are not accepting submissions targeting Windows 11 devices at this time. We will continue to add passing apps to the store as the program develops.

Microsoft launched Windows Subsystem for Android™ (WSA) that powers the Amazon Appstore and its catalog. WSA includes the Linux kernel and the Android OS based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version 11 and is distributed through the Microsoft Store as part of the Amazon Appstore install. Windows Subsystem for Android™ runs in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine, similar to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and it understands how to map the runtime and APIs of apps in the AOSP environment to the Windows graphic layer, the memory buffers, the input modes, the physical and virtual devices, and the sensors.

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