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Get Started with A3L Location

To get started with A3L Location, follow this guide.


A3L Location has the following requirements:

  • A compatible Android device that runs on API Level 9 or newer.
  • A project configured to compile against Android API Level 9 or newer.

Add A3L Location SDK to your project

Use these steps to add the A3L Location SDK to your project.

  1. Download the A3L Location SDK.

    The SDK includes the AAR file, the Javadocs, and samples apps (one for Java and one for Kotlin).

  2. Add the AAR file to your project's libs folder and add the following information in the build.gradle file.

    1. Add the A3L Location AAR file as a dependency:

        implementation files('<Path to AAR>/A3LLocation-1.0.0.aar')
    2. Add Google Location Services as a dependency:

        implementation ''

Next steps

See Integrate A3L Location SDK.

Last updated: Sep 13, 2023