Amazon announces Espressif ZeroCode integration for developers building with ACK for Matter

Staff Writer Jun 30, 2024
Smart Home Matter Support


Today, we are announcing the integration of the Espressif ZeroCode for smart home device makers. With this integration, device makers can design a Matter-compliant product without having to develop firmware or build a mobile app.  The new integration allows Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) for Matter developers to create production ready Espressif modules in a few minutes 

With the  ACK SDK for Matter, device makers can build products that connect to Alexa or any Matter compatible smart home assistant. Using ACK SDK for Matter can deliver the increased interoperability of Matter for the customers, and receive the added benefits of cloud connectivity features to build differentiated products, without managing cloud services, developing complex device firmware or creating Alexa skill.

Getting started with Espressif ZeroCode

To get started with Espressif ZeroCode, please follow the following steps:

1.     Start creating your product at Select“ACK for Matter” at the first step.


2..    Choose an ESP module.



3.     Configure your device by selecting parameters like input button and output relay.



4.     Review your product in the ZeroCode launchpad.



Now, all you have to do is try out your product – and you’re done!

Please visit the Espressif ZeroCode website to get started.

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