The many advantages of enabling Light Touch Setup for your smart home customers

Brian Weber May 09, 2024
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Amazon has recently expanded its Light-Touch Setup (LTS) to include Matter and other supported Wi-Fi devices, streamlining the setup process for both customers and device developers. LTS simplifies device setup to as few as two taps, removing the need for high-friction activities such as entering network credentials or scanning QR codes. Additionally, LTS facilitates the linking of an Alexa Skill or the installation of a third-party phone app, ensuring customers have everything necessary to maximize the potential of their new device.

Brian Weber, Senior Technical Program Manager for the Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) program, which encompasses LTS and the closely related Zero-Touch Setup (ZTS), drives the execution of initiatives and shapes the overall strategy. Since joining Amazon in 2021, he has played a pivotal role in the expansion of ZTS and LTS to new devices and the noteworthy launches of Matter Simple Setup, Matter Casting for Prime Video, and Device Pre-Setup, enhancing the user experience.

In this article, Brian discusses the advantages of LTS and outlines how developers can integrate this feature into their current or upcoming devices.

The Light Touch Setup customer experience

Why did Amazon develop LTS?

ZTS offers our most seamless setup experience, utilizing nearby devices and stored network credentials to connect new purchases to the internet and register them to the customer’s account — all without any manual intervention. However, ZTS is limited to devices bought directly from, which must have a unique packaging barcode, allowing Amazon to identify a device as belonging to a specific customer.

Recognizing the need to extend a similarly seamless experience to devices not purchased from, or those bought as gifts, transferred between accounts, or lacking a suitable packaging barcode, Amazon introduced LTS. This setup mode uses notifications and setup flows in the Alexa App to confirm the customer's intent, paving the way for future enhancements to customer setup options.

Why should products support Light-Touch Setup?

The initial setup is often the first interaction a customer has with a product. A smooth experience facilitated by ZTS or LTS can enhance product ratings, decrease returns, and reduce customer service interactions. LTS, already familiar to users of most Amazon devices, is now accessible for third-party devices.

For products already compatible with ZTS, enabling LTS requires minimal effort. Amazon simply needs a display name and an optional image for the product to help customers recognize their device, along with some testing to ensure reliable setup. This straightforward process enables customers to activate their devices quickly and with ease. Additionally, if the device requires the activation of a Skill or the installation of a specific app, LTS assists customers in completing these steps as well.

How do we get started?

Visit the Amazon developer portal for all necessary resources to begin with Frustration-Free Setup, including additional requirements and details on ZTS and LTS, as well as a Developer Console to manage your products. Amazon offers FFS SDKs for standalone use on your device, with options for out-of-the-box support for Matter, Alexa Connect Kit, Alexa Voice Services, and Zigbee/BLE mesh devices. If you are already collaborating with an Amazon Solutions Architect, they can provide further information and address any questions.

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