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Staff Writer Dec 22, 2022
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In 2022, we had the chance to connect with skill builders, developers and device makers at a variety of conferences and events. Here are some highlights.

1. CES 2022 (January)
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), more than 45,000 people converge to see the latest innovations in technology, product debuts, and opportunities to meet key decision-makers from the world’s leading brands. 

Although Alexa didn’t participate in person at CES 2022, we showcased a number of exciting companies and startups via a variety of digital touchpoints—each creating groundbreaking voice experiences in their own way. From sound wellness and better sleep to kitchen efficiency and optimized gardening, here are 14 startups innovating with Alexa from CES 2022.

Be sure to catch Amazon at CES 2023, taking place from January 5-8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

2. Project Voice 2022 (April)
Project Voice is one of the leading events on voice in America, working to accelerate conversational AI and voice technology with original content and three days of community building. At the 2022 session held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, attendees got an inside look at the many ways Alexa promotes connection.

After an opening keynote address by Alexa Chief Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg, other presentations included:

  • How to unlock opportunities for brands using Alexa voice search, featuring John Campbell, Managing Director at top voice experience agency Rabbit & Pork
  • An overview of the ways voice experiences can help people with disabilities stay connected with loved ones, featuring Alexa Accessibility Product Lead Juliana Tarpey Hadad.

3. Stir Trek (May)
Founded by Alexa’s own Jeff Blankenburg, Stir Trek is a one-day conference teaching software developers and others in the tech industry about new innovations, techniques, and tools. Stir Trek features 48 sessions of content, ranging from tech leaders from industry insiders to like Netflix to app-building and prioritizing mental wellness as a developer.

The day begins with a keynote from Jeff Blankenburg, where he took a broad look at how humans interact with artificial intelligence; later, he outlined initiatives like the Alexa Voice Operability Initiative and the future of ambient experiences. The day ends and ends with a blockbuster film screening, making this an all-in-one opportunity for networking and community-building in voice. See all the recordings from Stir Trek 2022 linked here

4. HITEC (June) 
HITEC is the world’s largest hospitality technology conference, featuring influential decision-makers, technologists, and hospitality professionals from over 60 countries. In 2022, it brought attendees and vendors to Orlando, Florida for an in-person gathering over three days.

The Alexa for Hospitality booth offered an in-depth look at immersive voice experiences, as well as how to deploy and manage Alexa devices at scale. From playing music to getting real-time weather updates and calling the front desk, there’s no shortage of ways that Alexa enhances hospitality businesses. Attendees also got a comprehensive overview of how voice technology helps properties increase revenues while ensuring consistent high-quality guest experiences. 

To see more of Alexa for hospitality in action, check out a breakout session from Disney discussing how they leverage Alexa to create excellent customer experiences across their resorts.

5. Alexa Live 2022 (July)
Alexa Live is Amazon’s yearly summit to showcase everything new in the world of Alexa. In 2022, Alexa Live brought a wide range of APIs, developer features, and tools to build the next generations of ambient experiences.

Some of the most noteworthy announcements included:

  • The Skill Quality Coach, featuring personalized recommendations designed to take your skill to the next level
  • New ways to drive business growth through the Alexa Shopping Kit
  • Resources like the Alexa Learning Lab, providing real-time feedback while you unlock new ways to add depth to skills and improve engagement. 

Check out all the features announced in our roundup and tune in on-demand to every session from Alexa Live.

6. Voice Summit 2022 (October)
Voice Summit is one of the biggest voice and AI conferences in the world, bringing together developers, device makers, and technology influencers. At VOICE22, influential Alexa builders and brand leaders discussed how to leverage voice-forward and multimodal capabilities to shape the next generation of customer experiences.

With a crowd of 1,000+ virtual and in-person attendees, Alexa highlights included:

  • A presentation on how to deliver hyperlocal news to smark speakers by Michael Collett of the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC)
  • An inside look at how Alexa and NASA collaborated to integrate Alexa voice technology into the Orion spacecraft’s Artemis I mission. These insights were shared by Justin Nikolaus, Lead Voice Designer for Alexa.

Voice 22 also served as the venue to announce the winners of the Aging & Engaging Hackathon, challenging skill builders to create Alexa experiences that meet the aspirations of those age 55 and older. See the full list of winners in 5 unique categories here, plus read our full event recap

7. Leading Age (October)
Leading Age is an annual expo showcasing innovations and technologies that can be used to transform the lives of older adults. 

At 2022’s expo in Denver, Colorado, John Coyne, Sr. Solutions Architect on the Alexa for Senior Living Team, outlined the future of voice interactive technology for aging services. His presentation detailed how voice enhances resident engagement in senior living communities, and the many ways it improves quality of life through easier access to entertainment, information, and family connections.

8. TechBash (November)
TechBash’s mission is to inspire attendees to build great things that will change the world. Each year, it features world-class experts on subjects ranging from coding to mobile and web development, as well as the future of technologies like voice. 

Alexa Chief Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg delivered a keynote presentation on ‘The Future of People,’ detailing how AI could impact humanity for the better. He also highlighted some of the advancements—in Alexa, voice, and ambient intelligence—we can look forward to in the years to come. In a separate session, Blankenburg got down to the details and shared best practices to consider as you build Alexa skills, plus the keys to crafting successful voice interfaces. 

In addition to these events,  we also engage with the Alexa community through regular developer Office Hours and Tech Talks. Featuring live question-and-answer sessions, our experts are here to help you build the best voice experiences possible in the new year and beyond.

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