14 incredible startups innovating with Alexa at CES

Elizabeth Scallon Jan 05, 2022
Alexa Fund

Amazon will not be participating in-person at CES 2022 in Las Vegas to prioritize the health and safety of our partners and employees. However, we would like to highlight exciting companies and startups that are enabling a world of ambient computing, one where products and technologies anticipate your needs, and make life easier by always being available, without being intrusive.

The Alexa Startups program engages companies in a number of ways: through direct investment via Alexa Fund, startup programs, business development, and technical support.

Here are 14 startups that we would like to showcase during CES 2022: 

is a sleep tech company that provides medical-grade sleep monitoring AI software and a personalized sleep health app available to all. Taking up a third of our day, sleep is an essential part of our lives. With the assistance of medical experts, Asleep seeks to unveil what fundamentally causes sleep disorders and provide a personalized sleep solution that can ease insomnia. Asleep describes themselves as innovators of sleep tech, leading the sleep digital transformation industry with their contactless sleep tracking and AI technology. Asleep’s CES booth is LVCC North Hall #8342.

CLMBR is an ergonomic and innovative vertical climbing machine, featuring a large-format touch display with on-demand, instructor-led classes. CLMBR's patented design has a high-quality build, a low level of required maintenance, and is easy to move – making it perfect for commercial or at-home use. 

Clmbr is at booth 54108 @ the Venitian Expo

Embodied (Alexa Fund Portfolio Company) has a mission to build socially and emotionally intelligent robot companions with believable personality and empathy to enhance our daily lives. Backed by a veteran team of technologists, neuroscientists, child development specialists, and creative storytellers, Embodied is rethinking and reimagining human-machine interaction. Through extensive research, they have developed a new platform, SocialX™, that provides a way to use natural human interaction to engage with technology. The first iteration of this technology is Moxie, a robot companion for children developed to help promote social, emotional and cognitive learning.

Endel  creates AI-powered sounds designed to support your everyday life. Endel is powered by its patented core AI technology, taking inputs like location, environment, and natural light level to create the optimal functional soundscape, personalized on the fly. Sleep, focus, and relax through the power of sound — backed by science, enjoyed by millions worldwide (per Endel). Just say: “Alexa, start Endel” to give it a try!

Kairos is on a mission to help property owners everywhere secure a more resilient, sustainable future through intelligent water metering and leak detection technology. Their patented high spatial leak detection and ultrasonic water meter with shut-off are designed using LoRaWAN to communicate in signal adverse environments over long distances using 10-year batteries. The existing and flagship designs for signal zone and multi-zonal leak detection with Alexa skill integration will be available in the first two quarters of 2022.

Labrador Systems (Alexa Fund Portfolio Company) is an early stage technology company developing a new generation of assistive robots to help people live more independently. The Labrador™ Retriever functions as an extra pair of hands, helping individuals move large loads from place to place as well as bring critical items within reach. The company’s core focus is creating affordable solutions that address practical and physical needs at a fraction of the cost of commercial robots. Visit Labrador at the Venetian Expo, Booth #52049.

mui Labis a technology startup specializing in designing IoT interfaces that enable “calm” digital living. mui Labs believes “technology” can become synonymous with “unintentional,” and strive to harness the power of cutting-edge engineering to create a harmony among technology, the humans who use it and the nature surrounding them. mui Lab is a recipient of a Best of Kickstarter Award in 2019, Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 and a CES Innovation Award in 2019 and 2022. 

Please find mui Labs at the following CES exhibit spaces: 
January 3 — CES Unveiled (Mandalay Bay Level 2) Jan. 5 — ShowStoppers
January 5-8 — J-Startup Pavilion (Eureka Park)

Ome is reinventing the way we cook at home by leveraging smart technology to bring efficiency to the kitchen. Ome's flagship product is the first retro-fit smart device that can turn any gas or electric stove into a smart appliance in minutes, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their stoves from anywhere, anytime, using both a proprietary app and voice assistant integration. Through this architecture, Ome is building experiences that fundamentally reimagine the way we cook, consume content, and spend our time in the kitchen.

Preemadonna (An Alexa Fund Portfolio Company) powers creative expression with interactive experiences by and for its community of Gen Z makers. Preemadonna was awarded a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its flagship product Nailbot ®, a patented and connected, at-home manicure system that prints instant nail art and photos from your smartphone onto your fingernails. The CES® Innovation Award honor comes at the heels of a sold-out Nailbot Drop 1, which began shipping to early crowdfunding backers last December. Drop 2 of Nailbot is available now for pre-order from Nailbot.com.

Rise Gardens (Alexa Fund Portfolio Company) designs state-of-the-art indoor gardens that make it possible for anyone to grow their own food. The indoor gardens are beautifully designed to fit any home and lifestyle. This living pantry will elevate the way you eat by making your meals tastier, healthier and more sustainable. By bringing nature into a home, anyone can become a happier version of themselves. 


SPAN (Alexa Fund Portfolio Company) reinvented the electrical panel so homeowners can intelligently monitor and control their home energy and charge their EVs, making it easier to power their lives conveniently and sustainably. The company recently announced the SPAN Drive, a new Level-2 EV charger, and launched the SPAN Meter Panel, an all-in-one replacement for existing meter combo panels. SPAN’s ultimate mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy upgrades for the home, including solar, batteries, and EVs.

Spinn (Alexa Fund Portfolio Company) is a connected coffee brewing device that uses centrifugal technology to make Espresso, Coffee, Americano and Cold Brew. Spinn has it’s own Coffee Marketplace that allows for auto-ordering when your coffee runs low. Spinn owns a broad patent portfolio for its brewing technology and is the only company in the world that brews fresh ground coffee by spinning the coffee. Each coffee is optimized with spin speed, grind setting and water temperature to get the perfect cup based on recipes from the roasters. Spinn does not use pods or filters and is a sustainable solution.

TalkGo is the developer of on the go products. TalkSocket, the first product from the company, is a mobile accessory that delivers Alexa hands-free everywhere you go. It’s the marriage of Alexa in a PopGrip that can attach to any phone or case to allow you to use Alexa on-the-go without having to unlock your phone.

Vestaboard is a beautiful smart messaging display that you can control from anywhere. Vestaboard totally re-imagines a split-flap display you might see at a European train station. It can be used at home or at work to send and schedule messages for loved ones, team members or customers. Vestaboard immediately enhances any environment and creates a captivating shared messaging experience. Its wonderful whirring of 8,448 flaps and mesmerizing sound get people looking up.

Alexa Startups is dedicated to supporting startups and investors building with Alexa. The Alexa Startups team supports voice, AI, ambient and emerging tech founders and investors with startup programs, business development and technical support. The Alexa Fund provides up to $200 million in venture capital funding to fuel voice technology innovation. We believe experiences designed around the human voice will fundamentally improve the way people use technology.

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