Circa Resort & Casino uses Alexa to deliver personalized guest experiences and unlock new efficiencies

Staff Writer Apr 17, 2024
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Although Circa Resort & Casino operates on a large scale—with 512 rooms, 6 pools, and 5 onsite restaurants across the Las Vegas property—their guiding principles come back to family values.

“We want to create an environment with the familiar comforts of home… [That means] attending to everything a guest could want and ensuring communication is easy,” says Greg Stevens, Partner and co-owner of Circa.

So how do they achieve this vision at scale? Circa uses Alexa Smart Properties (ASP) to make sure every guest interaction is unique. By integrating voice and ambient intelligence technology, the resort has also unlocked new efficiencies that free up valuable time for staff while fulfilling requests seamlessly.


Shaping the next generation of hospitality 

Guests today have more choices than ever—and to stand out in the crowd, hotels need to provide both personalized experiences and high-touch service. 

Alexa-enabled devices give guests more comfort and control over their environment using the most intuitive medium possible: their voice. With a virtual concierge system in every guest’s room powered by Alexa, properties like Circa have a new opportunity to meet guests where they are at any time—all without causing unnecessary interruptions or slowing down the time it takes to fulfill requests. 

If guests at Circa need to update an amenity reservation or extend their checkout, it’s as simple as saying, “Alexa, call the front desk.” Need something in a pinch? Just ask, “Alexa, can we have three more towels?” Plus, ordering room service from Circa’s 24/7 restaurant is easier than ever.

Elodie Mendez, Executive Hospitality Manager at Circa, sees ASP as a key tool to ensure guests get what they need and feel at home. “It allows us to be here for guests, even if we don’t see them face to face.”

Combining attention to detail and accessible in-room technology pays off. Post-stay Circa surveys show that guests had an 88% satisfaction rate with the Echo Show 8 devices in their rooms. 

Alexa provides a digital silver platter

As Stevens describes, “You need to embrace technology or you’ll get left behind.”

For the team at Circa, this ethos means they strive to adapt in real time—and with custom solutions powered by Alexa Smart Properties, there are new ways to meet evolving guest preferences.

Russ Goeckner, CEO of Hotel Genie, focuses on developing voice applications that make hotel stays even more enjoyable. In partnership with ASP, he created ambient experiences tailored to Circa’s Las Vegas property. 

“The features we’re developing have never been seen in this landscape,” he says. “Alexa gives us a robust opportunity to make guest communication as fluid and natural as possible.”

In addition to providing streamlined service for guests, ASP also helps free up valuable time for staff at Circa. With fewer steps needed to fulfill requests, employees can improve their productivity and prioritize in-person interactions such as attending to special requests or answering specific questions. 

Through Alexa Smart Properties, Circa gets cost effectiveness and efficiency while delivering better guest experiences. “We’re not forced to pick one or the other,” says Stevens. “Alexa is a digital silver platter right at guests’ fingertips.”

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