Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality
Deliver voice and ambient intelligence to delight guests, retain staff, and open up new revenue streams.

Keep guests engaged and delighted throughout their stay

Offer guests more comfort, convenience, and control to increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Personal service at Fairmont

Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu uses Alexa to elevate guest experiences and provide  more personal services with a bi-lingual solution.

Deliver more personalized experiences that bring your brand to life without adding to your staff’s workload

If you can envision it, Alexa can bring it to life through the intuitive power of voice and ambient intelligence. Whether responding to guest requests or delivering information non-intrusively, Alexa engages guests in ways no other technology can.

"Alexa, when is the bar open?"

Inform guests of activities and communicate information efficiently. 

"Alexa, order room service."

Give guests a seamless way to request amenities and order room service.

"Alexa, turn on the TV."

Let voice control the television, radio, thermostat, lights, and blinds. 

A Digital Silver Platter

See how Circa Resort & Casino delights its guests with Alexa.

Value and empower your staff 

Route guests’ voice-generated requests directly to the right team to streamline operations, reducing the burden on your front desk and concierge staff so they can serve the guests in front of them.

Give guests a quicker way to get answers and make requests.

Delight guests by focusing staff time on more value-added interactions.

Streamline operations by plugging Alexa into your existing ticketing systems.

Supporting families and care staff

Alexa helps families whose kids are going through long-term medical treatments at the Ronald McDonald House Greater Hudson Valley.

Differentiate your brand and unlock potential revenue streams

Create imaginative experiences that set your hotel apart to drive preference, loyalty, and revenue.

"If you don't already have an Alexa, you're behind the times, so you better get it right now."

- Greg Stevens, Co-founder & Co-owner,
Circa Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality makes it easy to harness the power of voice

Privacy and Security

No voice recordings are stored, no personal or financial information is collected, and the camera can be force-disabled. 

Friction-free Set-up

APIs and a web UI make it easy to set up, roll out, and centrally manage your fleet of devices across your properties. 

Actionable Insights

Analytics on device usage can help you better understand what your patients and staff need to improve their experience. 

Find a solution provider

Alexa Solution Providers provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. 

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