How Alexa Smart Properties empowers residents at Fellowship Square-Mesa to live independent lives

Staff Writer Nov 07, 2023
Alexa Skills Smart Properties


Fellowship Square-Mesa is a senior living facility in Mesa, Arizona that uses Alexa to help residents accomplish daily tasks, set time-sensitive reminders, and control their environment with voice—in turn ensuring they thrive with dignity. Watch the full video to see how Alexa Smart Properties helped bring Fellowship Square-Mesa’s vision for the future of Senior Living to life.

Alexa Smart Properties in senior living elevates residents’ quality of life in their communities by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected, while streamlining workflows to help communities save time and money. Alexa Smart Properties simplifies deploying and managing Alexa devices at scale.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us via this form on the Alexa Developer Portal.

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