Devs & Coffee Episode 4: Charting the future of voice with Dominik Meissner

Amanda Lange Aug 09, 2023
Alexa Skills

According to Alexa developer Dominik Meissner, there are limitless possibilities that voice can offer to simplify and enhance our daily lives—and smart speakers are only the beginning. 

Meissner is an Alexa Champion and founder of the Munich, Germany-based voice agency 169 Labs. He’s also leading the charge to strengthen the ambient development community across Europe as organizer of the ALL ABOUT VOICE conference.

In episode 4 of our Devs & Coffee series, Alexa Developer Community Manager Amanda Lange caught up with Meissner to see what he’s learned after publishing nearly 100 Alexa skills, ranging from the widely-used Animal Sounds to a tool that helps blind people experience TV shows in new ways.

How does Meissner take his skills to the next level?

In his view, “the work isn’t done when you hit publish.” Instead, he has found success in continuously optimizing skills by leveraging insights from the ASK analytics dashboard. Meissner also points out that cross-promoting skills on social channels is key to connecting with a wider base of users. 

Tune in to the full episode to hear about Meissner's approach and favorite tools, where he finds inspiration to build unique skills, and how he thinks the voice industry will evolve moving forward. 

[View Dominik Meissner’s Alexa Champions page]

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