Amazon announces new Alexa Smart Properties features for Hospitality

Greg Nika Jun 27, 2023
Alexa Skills

Today during the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), Amazon announced a new suite of Alexa Smart Properties (ASP) for Hospitality features tailored for properties such as hotels, resorts, and casinos. Currently, many properties including Circa Resort & Casino and The Wynn in Las Vegas, as well as select U.S. Walt Disney World Resorts, have built, customized, and scaled Alexa-enabled solutions and services that are tailored to their desired brand and guest experience. 

With the new features included in today’s announcement, hospitality properties have even more ways to build and deploy delightful guest and staff experiences using Alexa Smart Properties’ Console, APIs, and Alexa-enabled devices:

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Support: Allows properties to link ASP-supported devices with their phone systems for routing Alexa calls and supporting caller ID when guests and hotel staff conduct inbound and outbound calls.
  • WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi: The upcoming ability to onboard ASP-supported devices to WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi networks so that properties can safely and securely connect these devices to Wi-Fi more seamlessly without having to create another public network.
  • WebRTC Support: The upcoming availability of WebRTC support for hospitality deployments, which will allow guests and hotel staff to conduct calls between Echo devices and non-Echo devices like tablets or laptops.
  • Echo Show 15: One of our latest Echo Show devices, Echo Show 15, is now available for hospitality deployments. It is a multi-modal, wall mounted solution that features a large screen for large digital signage.
  • ASP Console Updates: Updates for ASP-supported devices deployed in hotels, including notifications, announcements, and proactive suggestions to educate hotel guests about amenities, services, and offers during their stay.

Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality also announced momentum with providers like Circa, which recently completed its Alexa Smart Properties deployment in all of its 512 hotel rooms and is the first hospitality customer to implementAmazon’s PBX support. As part of the deployment, Circa and Amazon partnered with Hotel Genie, an ASP solution provider that develops guest services apps that work on Alexa-enabled devices, to create and deploy the guest experience that is now live at Circa. “Everything is built around technology, so you really have to embrace it or you’re going to get left behind,” said Greg Stevens, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Circa. 

“Hotels know their guests, and Amazon provides tools to help make the guest experience more convenient and delightful, adapting them for their specific brand needs. We’re excited to continue working with some of the leading hotel brands globally to offer cost-effective ways to deploy, manage, and customize Alexa-enabled technology at scale in their properties.” said Bram Duchovnay, Director of Alexa Smart Properties.

See here to learn more about how Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality offerings can help you deploy technology solutions at scale for your properties.  

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