The five top visited resources developers are reading on the newly launched Alexa Insider

Staff Writer Nov 02, 2022
Alexa Skills

Alexa Insider, a new hub for all the latest and best developer content offers the latest in news, videos, inspiring stories, announcements, community events, and more. The streamlined experience is specially designed to ensure you have access to the best Alexa features in real time. 

Check out our top visited resources from October 2022 below:

1. Take your skills to the next level with Alexa Presentation Language (APL)

Newly-announced features for Alexa Presentation Language (APL) make multimodal skill building more straightforward and efficient.

These additions to APL let you create and customize visuals on pre-built templates, auto-generate skill code snippets for APL documents, utilize APL for audio templates, and more. 

There’s also a new set of centralized guides. APL Best Practices for Developers boosts the APL skill development process while improving the performance and quality of your interactive voice and visual experiences. The APL Accessibility Guide enables you to build APL visuals that are accessible to all Alexa users, to all users, regardless of any temporary, permanent, and situational disabilities.


2. Learn how Endel is pioneering sound wellness with voice AI

Skill builders around the world are connecting with audiences of millions and shaping the next generation of ambient intelligence. Need inspiration on what it takes to make it a reality? Check out our Alexa innovators series on Endel, a pioneering sound wellness company helping people relax, focus, and sleep better.

Endel’s patented technology takes inputs from users’ movements, time of day, weather, heart rate, location, and other factors before using AI to generate personalized soundscapes. Endel also features collaborations with artists like James Blake and Grimes in its catalog of original soundscapes—all available on the Alexa skills marketplace.


3. Get to know the Skill Quality Coach, a personalized guide to building high-quality skills on Alexa

Skill quality is essential to deliver an engaging customer experience and drive retention. But understanding where to start when it comes to optimizing your skill is no small task. That’s why we’ve introduced the Skill Quality Coach (SQC), a tool to deliver recommendations that can improve your skill. 

SQC leverages insights from thousands of Alexa Skills to identify the common attributes of successful skills, then assigns you a Skill Quality Score (SQS) between 0 and 5. This score incorporates criteria like customer experience and skill design features, such as voice model coverage, content richness, and level of voice responses.

Once you’ve received your SQS, the Skill Quality Coach provides personalized and curated recommendations to help you uplevel right away.


4. Monetize and grow your business in new ways with the Alexa Shopping Kit

Ready to find a new avenue to monetize your skill? Look no further than the Alexa Shopping Kit, which allows you to earn from skill traffic by helping customers find, research, and purchase relevant products available on Amazon.

There are two primary ways to utilize the Alexa Shopping Kit in your skill. 

a. Surface your own products listed on Amazon within your skill, increasing revenue from an uptick in sales.

b. Earn up to 10% in commissions on qualifying products, referred through the Amazon Associates on Alexa program. 

This way, you can engage customers at every stage of the shopping journey, from discovery all the way to purchase.


5. Discover innovations and announcements from Alexa Live 2022—all in one place

From the latest in conversational AI to new monetization strategies, Amazon announced a wide ranging variety of announcements to help developers build the next generation of ambient experiences, and grow their business with Alexa. 

Through the Alexa Live on-demand page, you can access everything you need in a central place. With videos explaining top features and comprehensive breakout sessions, building up your toolbox is simple. You can also see how brand leaders and the top device and skill builders leverage Alexa during exclusive interviews.



We’re just getting started with Alexa Insider, and we want to hear from our community to build the best possible experience. Get in touch through the Slack channel to give us your feedback and make your voice heard.

Find inspiring new ways to build voice experiences and start monetizing with Alexa Insider.


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