Learn more about four incredible women shaping the next generation of ambient computing

Staff Writer Mar 24, 2022
Alexa Startups Black History Month

In the second of our articles celebrating Women’s History Month, we are highlighting women that are helping build startups that enable a world of ambient computing, one where products and technologies anticipate your needs, and makes life easier by always being available, without being intrusive.

The Alexa Startups program engages companies in a number of ways: through direct investment via Alexa Fund, startup programs, business development, and technical support.

Nour Al Hassan, founder and CEO 


What are  you working on?

I am the founder and CEO of Tarjama, a provider of smart language solutions that houses a full range of language capabilities and technologies supporting 55+ languages. I am also the chairwoman of Ureed.com, a digital marketplace connecting global employers with over 55,000 certified freelancers. I am currently managing the explosive growth of these companies in eight markets, and leading a team of over 300 colleagues. I am motivated by  issues related to social inclusion, women empowerment, and opportunity creation, and I have dedicated my life to these causes.

What is an innovation that you find exciting? 

Speech recognition is the next big thing. Speech recognition technology was already making rapid advances in the pre-pandemic era. However, the impact of the lockdown increased the need for this technology by professionals and content creators. People want to consume and create digital content at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, using automatic speech recognition technology is going to be a crucial in shaping the future of computing.

Maria Noel Reyes, founder and CEO 


What are you working on?

I am a marketing director turned tech entrepreneur. I am currently the CEO of VozLab. Our platform lets brands shape interactions between Alexa and their consumers without having to use developers, and takes them through a voice commerce journey.   

I embarked on a new course in my career after seeing so many brands struggling to understand how to use voice technology to drive results and revenue. I help creative professionals and innovators harness the potential of smart speakers in a very easy way, so they can start using voice as part of their marketing and eCommerce channels. 

What is an innovation that you find exciting?

I've lived through the dotcom era, and am excited to be able to shape the next generation of the technology revolution. Users are eager to use their smart speakers for things other than set timers and listen to music, so I'm excited to be helping brands shape new customer experiences.

Amy Boes, co-founder and COO


What are you working on?

I am the COO and Co-founder of TalkGo. We develop smart and stylish hardware that transforms how we use voice technology. Our first product is called TalkSocket which is a unique mobile accessory that allows users to access their favorite voice assistant hands-free, everywhere they go. Our customers are Alexa super-users looking for easier ways to control their growing list of smart home devices, order favorite items, and stay connected with Alexa skills.

What is an innovation that you find exciting?

The evolution of voice technology continues to excite me. Another company I encourage everyone to follow is Voiceitt. Their incredible team has developed a state-of-the-art speech recognition app to empower communication for individuals with speech impairments. Kudos to the amazing work they are doing by giving voice technology access to everyone.

Kristina Milyuchikhina, head of Alexa Startups DEI business development


What are you working on? 

As part of my work at Alexa Startups, I am constantly searching and selecting the most innovative and exciting women to partner with and build a future of ambient computing. 

What is an innovation that you find exciting? 

As an Alexa user, smart home owner and a parent, I am very excited by how smoothly voice interfaces have become a part of my day-today life. I bank on Alexa for a variety of tasks, from family routines and entertainment to home management and safety. As a business developer for Alexa Startups, I am constantly excited by how so many innovative founders are enabling the technologies of tomorrow in areas as diverse as FemTech, ambient computing to speech-recognition and voice e-commerce.

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