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Interested in Amazon Alexa and how voice and AI power ground-breaking innovations for customers?

The Alexa Startups team engages founders and investors through startup programs, business development, and technical support. The Alexa Fund also provides up to $200 million in venture capital funding to fuel voice technology innovation.

Learn more and come build the future of voice with us. 

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Our Programs

Alexa Fund

Raise capital with a value-added investor focused on voice, AI, and more.

Alexa Fellowship

Meet the next generation of innovators on conversational AI.

Alexa Next Stage

Discover our new online program for later-stage startups.

Learn what's possible

Meet the team providing support to VCs and founders interested in voice.


Get Inspired

Learn how Endel’s audio environments are helping shape the future of ambient computing.

Learn how Vesper’s revolutionary microphones allow voice interfaces to exist nearly everywhere.

Check out the Alexa Next Stage Innovation Showcase and learn how the Alexa Fund is championing startups in voice tech.


Meet the Team

The Alexa Startups team is proud to support startup founders and investors with our Startups and VC business development team. Get to know our team:

Kamila Rakhimova

Head of Alexa Startups

Elizabeth Scallon

GTM and Operations

Andrew Vincent

VC & Startups Business Development

Scott Dart

Sr Solutions Architect

Kevin Crosby

Business Development

Kristina Milyuchikhina

DEI Business Development


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