New Fun Speaking Style for Japan

Alan Wenden Jan 29, 2021
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In November 2020, we introduced Emotions and a Conversational speaking style to Japan, allowing you to create more natural and intuitive voice experiences for your skills. Today we’re excited to introduce, exclusively for Japan, a new Fun speaking style suitable for content such as games, anime, entertainment, and storytelling.

How The Fun Style Works

Alexa’s new Fun speaking style uses Neural TTS (NTTS) technology and tailors Alexa’s voice to produce be brighter and nuanced by changing aspects of Alexa’s speech such as pitch, intonation, which words are emphasized, and the timing of pauses. Check out the sample and compare it to the Neutral voice.


  Neutral  Fun Speaking Style
Japanese  Audio Sample   Audio Sample 

Use the Fun Speaking Style with SSML Tags

To get started with the Fun speaking style, simply wrap Alexa’s response with the Fun speaking style tag illustrated below:

<amazon:domain name="fun">布団が、ふっとんだ。</amazon:domain>

Check out our technical documentation for more information.

Get Started Today 

We look forward to seeing what you build with these new Alexa styles. Please ask questions and share your feedback on the Alexa developer forum. Feel free to connect with the Alexa emotions and speaking styles Product Manager, Nikhil, on LinkedIn.