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Alexa Education Skills

How Education Skills Work

Make it easy for parents and students to ask Alexa about school work, assignments, and grades directly without the added step of opening a skill. With the Education Skills API, choose from six pre-built interfaces to create top-level skills for grades, coursework, and school communications, without having to design the voice interaction model or manage complex multi-turn dialogs.

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Key Features of Education Skills

Coursework Information

Enable parents and students to learn about assignments and homework using just their voice.  

School Communications

Provide parents and students with the latest school announcements, classroom updates, and messages from teachers and professors. 


Help parents and students stay up to date on their school grades and check their academic progress.


Example Education Skills

Infinite Campus

Get Started with Education Skills

Ready to build? Read a guide to learn more about building education skills for Alexa, then start building your skill with the Alexa Skills Kit.