How to Design for In-Skill Purchasing


What we’ll cover
Follow along as we dive into the best practices, tips and resources we recommend you use to design a great monetized Alexa skill. In this course you’ll follow the process we used to design “Seattle Super Trivia” for Alexa.

Is this for you?
Yes! The material in this course is appropriate for complete beginners with no knowledge of code and experienced developers alike. Since the purpose of this course is to teach you how to design a skill with in-skill purchasing, there’s no coding required. At the end of this course, in the Wrapping up & resources section we provide links to sample code for you to learn how to build implement in-skill purchasing within your code.

Time you’ll need
This course is not meant to be a comprehensive course. It’s a milestone along your Alexa skills educational journey where you’ll learn how to design great monetized Alexa skills. You should be able to complete everything in about an hour. You may spend more or less time depending on how deeply you dive into the materials.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to do everything all in one go. In fact, we recommend completing a section or two, pausing to reflect or experiment, and coming back tomorrow for a few more. When you spend time thinking about smaller chunks you’ll give yourself time to assimilate and remember.

Table of Contents

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