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Alexa Skills Customer Engagement Tools

Explore tools provided in the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to build new pathways for customers to discover your skill.

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How Customer Engagement Tools Work

Customer engagement tools help you build a strategy to expand your skill's reach. Pass signals to Alexa about your skill's functionality that Alexa can consider for name-free requests, or requests that don’t include an invocation name. Bring in customers from your owned channels, like media ads, your social media page, or websites.


Name-Free Interactions (NFI) Toolkit

Use the NFI toolkit to provide Alexa with additional signals about common requests your skill can handle.

NFI Container (preview)

Add the NFI Container in your skill interaction model to identify alternate launch phrases customers might use to launch your skill and specific intents that Alexa can consider when routing name-free requests.

CanFulfillIntentRequest (beta)

Alexa uses CanFullfillIntentRequest to confirm your skill can understand and fulfill a customer's name-free request before she suggests your skill. This includes context at the time of request.


Customers are just a Few Clicks Away

Link customers to your skill from anywhere on the web.

Quick Links for Alexa (beta)

With Quick Links for Alexa, customers can launch your skill, or even a specific task you define within your skill, on any of their Alexa-enabled devices at the click of a button. Surface these links on websites, social media, paid advertisements, and more.


Invocation Analytics

Use engagement analytics to understand customer engagement and refine your marketing efforts.

Invocation Dashboard (preview)

Part of the NFI Toolkit preview, the new invocation dashboard in the analytics tab of the developer console shows you what paths customers use to invoke your skill, including direct invocations, one-shot invocations, name-free interactions, quick links, and more.


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