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Alexa Skill Components

Spend less time writing foundational code and more time on the unique aspects of your skill using Skill Components. Skill Components are “ready to use” experiences that you can easily add to your skills – you can simply plug them into your existing voice models and code libraries.

These Skill Components bring together best practices and pre-built multimodal experiences that solve for a myriad of interaction paths that a customer can take. Developers can import these components into their existing Skill Package, compile, and then deploy their skill. Over time, we will build a library of Skill Components that developers can pick and choose from for their specific use cases.

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Why Build using Skill Components?

Easy to Implement

Provides self-contained code that can be easily inserted into a code base. Skill Components are a low-code solution, but developers are still able to customize as needed.

Reduce Time Spent Debugging

Reduces debugging time and tedious dialog management, helping you focus on what matters most – delivering a great skill experience.

Best Practices Are Included

Encapsulates Alexa’s best practices so that your customers can enjoy a more consistent, user-friendly skill experience.

On this page:

Component Key Features

VUI Models

Dialogs with pre-defined events, sample utterances, and dialog strategies.

APL Documents

APL documents that augment the voice user interface with rich visuals, demonstrating the best multimodal design practices on Alexa.

Skill Code

The business logic that processes requests from the user and generates responses.


Skill Components

Listed below are a selection of Skill Components available in Developer Preview mode. At this time, these are available to skill developers who are building skills in the en-US locale.

Feedback Elicitation

Are you looking to build mechanisms to elicit feedback from your customers, where they can rate a certain interaction, a session, or even provide feedback about your skill? You don’t have to build those elements from scratch. Use the feedback elicitation component to include some of these conversational patterns and customize them for your own needs.

List Navigation

Are you building an app in which your customers will need to select from a list of options? Do you need to build an interaction where they can go through the list one-by-one and then make a selection? Use the pre-built interaction patterns within the List Navigation Skill Component to build out and customize such interactions.



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