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Developer Console

Testing Your App for the Amazon Appstore

Amazon has several services and tools available to test your app before you submit it to the Amazon Appstore:

  • App Testing Service: Test your app for general compliance with the Amazon Appstore's requirements.
  • Live App Testing: Beta test your app with a small group of pre-selected users.

App Testing Service

App Testing Service allows you to upload your app's APK to the Amazon Appstore and receive feedback about whether your app meets submission requirements and suggestions on how to correct potential submission issues.

Some aspects of app testing for the Amazon Appstore may be carried out internationally. The testing process includes testing on a variety of devices, including both Amazon devices and non-Amazon Android devices, to verify that apps in the store function properly.

To learn more, see the App Testing Service page.

Live App Testing

Before submitting your app to the Amazon Appstore, use Live App Testing to test your app in a production environment. With Live App Testing, you can distribute your app to up to 500 testers worldwide, except in China. Follow the instructions in Getting Started with Live App Testing to set up your test.

On submission, Amazon wraps your app with additional code that enables the app to communicate with the Amazon Appstore client to collect analytics, evaluate and enforce our program policies, share aggregated information with you and others regarding the program, and for other purposes. You can use Live App Testing to see how this additional code will impact the behavior of your app.

Additionally, Amazon removes the signature you used to sign your app and re-signs it with an Amazon signature that is unique to you, does not change, and is the same for all apps in your account.

You can find the Amazon signature hashes for your account by selecting any application in the Developer Console and navigating to the App Information tab. The SHA-1 and MD5 hashes for your account are listed in the Appstore Certificate Hashes section.

Last updated: Jun 09, 2022