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Step 2: Choose - Find a Solution

1. Explore - Know your options 2. Choose - Find a solution 3. Fit - Update your code 4. Verify - Test your app 5. Push - Submit your app

Knowing which features Fire OS supports and understanding the requirements of your app allows you to make an informed choice of how to move forwards.

If your app uses a Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) feature that is supported in Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), you have the option to either directly integrate ADM into your app, or you can integrate the A3L Messaging SDK. The A3L Messaging SDK is an app store independent abstraction library that helps you write code one time and use the same code on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

If your app uses a FCM feature that is not available in ADM or A3L Messaging, evaluate whether the feature is necessary in your app. If you determine your app can provide a good customer experience without the feature, make sure your app degrades gracefully and you can continue to submit your app.

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Last updated: Mar 24, 2022