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New Fire TV devices with the power of Alexa

Katrina Brkic Sep 28, 2022
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The latest Amazon Fire TV devices bring new meaning to “smart TV” and create more opportunities for engaging with customers on over 150 million devices worldwide. Hardware improvements to Fire TV Cube bring faster app launches and fluid navigation compared to the previous generation while the power of Alexa streamlines content discovery with both remote control access and hands-free technology.

The new additions to the Fire TV family include:

  • Fire TV Omni QLED Series is the newest Amazon Fire TV smart TV with Alexa hands-free voice control and new Ambient Experience feature. Ambient transforms the TV screen to a personalized smart display for photos, artwork, music, and other Alexa-powered widgets - creating a more integrated smart home experience.

  • Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen is the ultimate 4K streaming experience - our fastest-ever streaming media player with an octa-core 2.0 GHz processor, Wi-Fi 6E support, and hands-free Alexa voice control.

We’re also excited to announce Echo Show with Fire TV built-in coming soon. We’re bringing Fire TV outside the living room to Echo Show 15 devices already in customers’ homes, continuing the opportunity for connection and engagement.

The newest Fire TV devices and Echo Show 15 run on Fire OS 7, which requires a minimum target API level of 28. Review the device filtering and compatibility guidelines to ensure maximum compatibility across devices. Expand your user reach and engagement even further with the following integrations.

Engage customers with Alexa voice controls
Integrating your app with Alexa lets you build experiences for customers to easily find, consume, and control your Fire TV content using just their voice. With the Media Session API, users can control playback with commands like play, rewind, and pause. You can also enable in-app voice scrolling on the Fire TV Cube by mapping the D-pad navigation events to voice commands.

💡 Tip: You can assign the Alexa voice-supported commands by setting the desired action in the PlaybackStateCompat object to pass to the MediaSession: 

Copied to clipboard
val state: PlaybackStateCompat = PlaybackStateCompat.Builder()
                        or PlaybackStateCompat.ACTION_PLAY
                        or PlaybackStateCompat.ACTION_PAUSE
                        or PlaybackStateCompat.ACTION_FAST_FORWARD
                        or PlaybackStateCompat.ACTION_REWIND
                        or PlaybackStateCompat.ACTION_STOP

        mediaSession.isActive = true

Get your content discovered on Fire TV
The cinematic Fire TV UI supports up to six user profiles along with the ability to pin favorite apps and see personalized recommendations. Your app can send recommendations to users about the content (movies, shows, music, games) that you want them to watch with cards in the "Recommended By Your Apps" row on the home screen. Amazon extends the Android recommendations API to provide even deeper integration with Fire TV.

Recommended by your apps screen

You can also promote your content using Sponsored Tiles that use location and interest-based targeting to reach new customers. With ad creatives already generated for you, it’s easy to get started with a cost-per-click campaign.

Bring your Fire TV apps outside the living room
Fire TV is now available in select Stellantis vehicle models and includes custom automotive features such as offline download and touch. Review the technical documentation for adding touch interactions to your Fire TV apps to get started and prepare for Echo Show with Fire TV built-in devices later this year.

Just getting started with Fire TV? Check out these resources:

💡 Tip: For some software versions, the Developer options menu is enabled by clicking the remote D-Pad 7 times on Settings > My Fire TV > About > Your TV.


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