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Attract new customers with Promotional Pricing for subscriptions

Kristina Flora Jun 30, 2022
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Amazon Appstore now supports Introductory and Promotional Pricing for app subscriptions. You can seamlessly create custom, targeted offers such as lower pricing or monthly discounts for specific customer segments.

With Promotional Pricing, you can offer new customers incentives to try your app before committing to a full-priced subscription. In addition, new targeting capabilities allow you to re-engage inactive customers with a discounted offer. With Prime Day approaching, you can use incentives like Introductory and Promotional pricing to attract new customers for your app on and Fire devices.

There is no development effort required to implement Introductory or Promotional Pricing. To configure a new offer, simply login to the Developer Console, open your app, and navigate to "Subscription Terms." Choose between:

  • A one-time discount for a select period of time
  • A discount on a recurring payment for a select period of time

From there, you can specify weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually for the discount duration. Next, select a target segment - including new and lapsed customers - to finish set-up.

Watch the video tutorial for help getting started:

Interested in learning more? Check out these resources:

💡 Tip - If you’ve implemented the Appstore SDK, you can now use the getProductData call to see customer details within each promotion. Learn more about transitioning from IAP v2.0 or watch the video tutorial.

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