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Fire TV is expanding outside the living room

Kristina Flora Aug 27, 2021
Launch Automotive Fire TV

Today, Amazon is bringing Fire TV outside the living room. With this launch, customers are now able to enjoy the Fire TV experience in the car and stream the latest shows from the most popular video services. This product was announced at CES in Las Vegas in January 2020 and is now available in two Stellantis vehicles - the Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

For developers, this launch introduces new ways to engage with customers, grow usage, and broaden app reach outside the traditional living room Fire TV experience.

Building for the 3-foot experience

When optimizing your Fire TV app for Automotive, there are a number of key UX differences:

  1. The device is optimized for a smaller screen, including improved legibility for text.
  2. There are multiple displays in-vehicle, which allows for content mirroring across devices in the car.
  3. Content can be accessed by customers with the remote, voice, or touch.

Given these nuances, it’s important for developers to consider how their app will look in the 3-foot experience and make changes to their app design to optimize for the new functionality. Check out our Automotive UX technical documentation to learn more about adapting your app for auto.

New Fire OS features: Touch and Offline Download

Fire TV’s expansion into automotive introduces new features to the Fire OS for creating intuitive and seamless customer experiences through touch, remote, and voice interactions. Touch for Fire TV is Amazon’s latest innovation in entertainment, bringing touch functionality to a previously remote-driven experience. Offline Download is an opportunity for continuous engagement where customers can watch content even without an internet connection.

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