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Introducing Fire OS 8 for the new Fire 7 tablet

Katrina Brkic May 18, 2022
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Today, we’re introducing the latest Fire OS version, FOS 8, powering the new Fire 7 tablet. Apps will reach more customers on a more-performant device with a 30% faster quad-core processor and double the RAM compared to the previous generation, providing quicker app launches and game play.

Introducing Fire OS 8

FOS 8 is based on Android 11, bringing more features, including:

Update your apps

Apps running on FOS 8 must set the targetSdkVersion to 30 to enable additional user privacy and app performance. Apps running on previous FOS versions will be available for download on the Fire 7 tablet; however, updating apps to the newest version provides users with the privacy and security benefits introduced with Android 11.

As a reminder, Amazon Appstore requires a minimum target API level of 28 for apps running on FOS 7. Review the device filtering and compatibility guidelines to ensure maximum compatibility across devices.

Interesting in learning more? Check out these resources:

Make your app part of the selection for customers whom will enjoy enhanced content discovery and game play.

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