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Rising demand and engagement for productivity apps on Amazon Fire tablets

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Over the last several years, as boundaries between home and work have started to overlap significantly, we’ve seen our customers lean into productivity apps on their Amazon Fire tablets. These apps allow users to manage their home life with apps like notes, calendars and task management. They also enable customers to get work done faster and collaborate across teams. During the course of 2020, this has led to a 62% increase in productivity app users month over month across the tablet appstore, and a 226% growth in app engagement amongst productivity customers in the last year. We anticipate this trend to continue beyond 2020 - customers have forever changed the way they get things done and stay productive.

As a developer, it is worth considering how your app can fit into this productivity shift and how it can make an impact on customers. Here are some insights about the type of apps we are seeing resonate with Fire tablet users:

Personal productivity apps on Fire tablets

Fire tablets are used every day around the world, with an increasing amount of customers using their devices not just for entertainment and gaming, but also for productivity content. Our customers are increasingly using their tablets for personal productivity and managing their life at home.

Customers are actively searching for apps that can help create a to-do list, jot down a note as a reminder, or answer a quick email, without having to open their laptop. With over 10,000 personal productivity apps in the Appstore, we’re seeing first-hand how they are empowering users to be more productive when they are short on time and juggle many different responsibilities.

Enabling work-related productivity

Work related productivity apps like Email, Video, Spreadsheets, and Documents that can help customers do their job at home have become especially popular throughout the last year. With customers looking to get work done faster, and more efficiently, developers around the world have invested in creating apps that meet these needs. In the Amazon Appstore, we have seen a 135% increase in work-related apps submitted in 2020.

Tablet apps encourage collaboration and creativity

In the virtual world we now live in, sparking collaboration and thinking creatively can often be a challenge. On Fire tablets, apps related to brainstorming, drawing, collaboration, and conversation increased in usage with customers by 30% in the last year. The same is true for video and collaboration tools related to education and at-home learning; demand for those apps has risen by over 25% since the beginning of 2020.

If you’re a productivity developer and new to developing for Amazon devices, it’s easy to publish apps on the Amazon Appstore and make them available for Fire tablet. Our Fire tablets run on Amazon’s Fire OS 7 (based on Android 9 Pie). You can easily test compatibility of your Android app in a matter of minutes using our App Testing Service - learn more here. Create an Amazon Developer account to get started today.

Already have an app on Amazon Appstore and want to update your apps to ensure compatibility with the latest model of Fire tablets? Check out the following resources:

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