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The new Amazon Appstore SDK

Kristina Flora Nov 16, 2021
Launch Make Money

Today, the Amazon Appstore is launching the Appstore SDK, the newest version of Amazon’s In-App Purchasing SDK. This SDK is the latest In-App Purchasing (IAP) SDK, enabling developers to offer digital content and subscriptions for purchase, such as virtual currency, extra lives, and upgrades on Fire TV and Fire tablet devices.

Getting started with Appstore SDK

Integrating with Appstore SDK is easy. To get started, download the SDK and follow the steps listed in our technical documentation. Post-integration, you can use the App Tester to test your IAP functionality before publishing to the Amazon Appstore. After testing your app locally, you can also use the Live App Testing service to beta test your app in a live production environment with a select group of users.

Upgrading from IAP SDK V2.0 to Appstore SDK

To help with the transition, we’ve created a detailed tutorial on how to migrate an app from IAP SDK V2.0 to Appstore SDK. The first step is downloading the Appstore SDK. From there, you’ll need to remove your existing IAP JAR and configure the new Appstore SDK using a public key.

Interested in learning more about the Appstore SDK? Check out the technical documentation:

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