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Alexa Client Library (VSK Fire TV)

The Alexa Client Library is a Java API that you add to your Android project in your video skill integration with your Fire TV app. The Alexa Client Library enables authentication with LWA, automatic pairing with Echo, management of lifecycle events, sending Alexa responses to directives received in your app. More details about the Alexa Client Library provided in Step 3: Integrate the Alexa Client Library.

Download the Alexa Client Library

You can download the Alexa Client Library here:

The latest version is 1.4.6. For more details, see the Alexa Client Library Release Notes.

Javadocs for Alexa Client Library

To see the Javadoc for the Alexa Client Library, you can view it online here or open the Javadoc folder within the zip download.

Integrate the Alexa Client Library into Android Studio

If you are using Gradle with Android Studio, you can integrate Alexa Client Library using the Android Archive (AAR) file contained in the released SDK. To add the Alexa Client Library (AlexaClientLib.aar) into your project in Android Studio, do the following:

  1. Download the Alexa Client Library. After downloading the file, unzip it. The zip contains a file called AlexaClientLib.aar.
  2. In your Android Studio project, go to File > New > New Module.
  3. Select Import .JAR/.AAR Package and click Next.
  4. In the File name field, select the AlexaClientLib.aar file and click Open, and then click Finish.
  5. Go to File > Project Structure.
  6. Under Modules in the left menu, select app.
  7. Go to Dependencies tab.
  8. If you don't already see AlexaClientLib in the list of dependencies, click the + button in the bottom and select 3. Module dependency.
  9. Select the AlexaClientLib from the list.

Update an Existing Version of the Alexa Client Library

To update an existing version of the Alexa Client Library, first remove the existing AlexaClientLib module:

  1. Download the Alexa Client Library. After downloading the file, unzip it. The zip folder contains a file called AlexaClientLib.aar.
  2. In Android Studio, right-click the AlexaClientLib module and select Reveal in Finder.
  3. Open the AlexaClientLib folder.
  4. Drag in the new AlexaClientLib.aar file, replacing the existing one.