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Media Players

Any media player that uses the Android's media playback and encryption APIs (such as the MediaCodec, MediaCrypto, and AudioTrack classes) will work on the Amazon Fire TV platform. This documentation outlines media player options for Amazon Fire TV.

Free and Paid Options

The following are several recommended players, divided into free versus paid options:

Free Options:

Paid Options:

For information about the audio and video formats supported by Amazon Fire TV, see Fire TV Device Specifications.

Also, note that you can always build your own custom media players using standard Android APIs available in Android. See Fire OS Overview for details on which Fire OS versions support which Android versions.

Amazon Port of ExoPlayer

ExoPlayer is an open-source media player developed by Google and intended for Android media apps. To learn more about ExoPlayer, see the following resources:

Amazon has a port of ExoPlayer that is compatible with Fire TV. Instead of integrating the default ExoPlayer into your Fire TV app, use the Amazon port of ExoPlayer. The Amazon port of ExoPlayer provides many fixes, workarounds, and other patches to make ExoPlayer work on Amazon devices.

To understand how to use ExoPlayer, consult the standard ExoPlayer resources as listed previously.

Android MediaPlayer

The standard Android MediaPlayer classes that handle audio and video playback are supported on Fire TV. These media classes can handle basic media playback in your app; however, for more robust media needs, the Amazon port of ExoPlayer (or one of the paid media player options) is recommended.

VisualOn OnStream MediaPlayer

You can use the VisualOn OnStream MediaPlayer to integrate encrypted media playback in your Fire TV app. VisualOn supports AES 128-bit encryption with HLS, PlayReady DRM with the DASH and SmoothStreaming protocol, and AES 608 and 708 closed captions.

Unlike with ExoPlayer, you will need to buy a license from VisualOn to use the VisualOn OnStream MediaPlayer in your Fire TV app.

NexStreaming NexPlayer SDK

The NexStreaming NexPlayer SDK is supported on Amazon Fire TV. Like VisualOn, this media player provides a robust set of media playback features, including DASH, DRM content, Smooth Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and more.

Similar with VisualOn, NexPlayer requires you to purchase a license to use their player in your Fire TV app.