Live App Testing

Quickly distribute your app to a predefined set of app testers on the Amazon Appstore before going live
app testing ebook
eBook: Appstore guide to betas and UAT

To help ensure your app delights new users at launch and beyond, Amazon Appstore has compiled our top tips for conducting beta and user acceptance tests. In our guide, we cover everything from selecting the right testing audience through gathering actionable feedback. Download a free copy of the eBook »

invite app testers
Invite app testers across devices

Live App Testing allows you to create a version of your app for distribution only to select testers of your choice. You can easily define the list of app testers. You don’t need to keep track of who you have invited. You invite testers by entering their email addresses, and they receive email with instructions for downloading and testing your app against the Amazon Appstore production environment. Amazon takes care of the complexity of distributing the invitations to your defined set of testers. App testing is supported on the devices that are targeted by your app, including Android devices and Amazon devices such as Fire TV and Fire Tablets. Learn more »

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Try live app testing yourself

Amazon Live App Testing helps you manage app testing to help you publish higher quality apps to the Amazon Appstore with fewer errors. Creating a new test is easy through the Developer Portal, at no cost to you. Get started »