Input AVS Credentials

Before you build the AVS Device SDK, you must register an AVS product and create a security profile. When finished, you download a config.json file that contains your client ID and client secret. These retrieve access and refresh tokens that authorize your interactions with Alexa.

Download your config.json file

You must download your config.json file and move into your home/pi folder. You might have already done these steps if you completed the Create Product Profile tutorial. If you already downloaded your credentials, skip to the next section, Build the AVS Device SDK.

  1. Log into your AVS dashboard.
  2. Click your Product Name (it should be AVS Tutorials Project or whatever you named it when creating the product profile).
  3. Under the Product Details menu, select Security Profile.
  4. Choose Other devices and platforms from the Web - Android/Kindle - iOS - Other devices and platforms from the menu.
  5. Click Download. The config.json file appears in your home/pi/downloads folder. In the file manager, copy this file from the /downloads folder and place it in your home/pi folder as shown in the picture below.

Next, build the AVS Device SDK to voice-enable your prototype.