Alexa.Presentation 1.0

The Alexa.Presentation interface extends the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to include rendering multi-modal experiences on a device with a display. This interface defines common presentation behaviors, including the events that devices use to report presentation lifecycle updates to AVS.

Each Presentation instance contains a single APL document, which corresponds to a presentationToken that identifies document.

To learn more about APL, its interfaces, and how to use those interfaces together, see Alexa Presentation Language (APL) Overview.

Capability assertion

Alexa.Presentation 1.0 may be implemented by the device on its own behalf, but not on behalf of any connected endpoints.

New AVS integrations must assert support through Alexa.Discovery, but Alexa will continue to support existing integrations using the Capabilities API.

Sample declaration

  "type": "AlexaInterface",
  "interface": "Alexa.Presentation",
  "version": "1.0"



Devices send a Dismissed event to Alexa to report that a Presentation has been dismissed. Always send the Dismissed event along with a complete Context object. See Context for more details.

The active Skill receives a SessionEnded request when the device sends the Dismissed event. Send a Dismissed event for the following conditions:

Sample Dismissed Event message

The following sample code shows the structure for a Dismissed event message:

    "header": {
        "namespace": "Alexa.Presentation",
        "name": "Dismissed",
        "messageId": STRING
    "payload": {
        "presentationToken": STRING

Dismissed Event Payload parameters

The following table lists the payload parameters for the Dismissed event:

Field Type Description
presentationToken STRING Opaque token for the active presentation.