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Handling HDMI Events

When users connect or disconnect an HDMI cable, your app must handle these HDMI events following the guidelines here.

HDMI Disconnection

The recommended behavior of an HDMI disconnection — because the TV is powered OFF, input to the TV switched to another HDMI port, or the HDMI cable disconnected physically — is as follows:

  • Apps that play video must pause playback when the TV is turned off or HDMI cable is disconnected. When the TV is powered ON or HDMI cable connected, playback should remain paused until the user explicitly presses PLAY button on the remote.
  • Apps that play only audio may continue to play even if the HDMI is disconnected, provided the Amazon Fire TV is connected to another audio device via digital optical cable (Fire TV – 1st Generation only), Bluetooth A2DP headset, or audio headset via the Game controller.

Letting the App Know about HDMI Events

To let your app know about connection or disconnection, listen for ACTION_HDMI_AUDIO_PLUG intent broadcast that has an extra (EXTRA_AUDIO_PLUG_STATE) indicating if the HDMI is in connected state or not.

Other Connection Events

If a digital optical cable Amazon (Fire TV Gen 1 only), audio headset, or BT A2DP headset is connected to Fire TV, unfortunately there is no reliable way of knowing this in Android Lollipop based Fire OS 5 or later.

As such, it is recommended that you provide a User Preference setting in the app that controls this behavior.