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What's New in In-App Purchasing

Recent releases and documentation updates. Bookmark this page to keep in touch with new and changing IAP features, docs, and additional resources for developers.

Receipt Verification Service Enhancements

September 14, 2020

New data fields added for RVS: autoRenewing, gracePeriodEndDate, and isFreeTrial. For additional information, see Receipt Verification for IAP Apps.

IAP Layout on Developer Console

June 08, 2020

New and improved developer console layout and workflow for IAP.

IAP Batch Submission

October 1, 2017

Submit a batch of IAP items at the same time, using a CSV file to upload new and updated IAP items. For additional information, see IAP Batch Submission

IAP v2.0.76

September 1, 2016

Products returned by the getProductData API now include a Coins reward amount, an optional field that surfaces the amount of Amazon Coins a customer will be rewarded after purchasing that product

Archived Release Updates

IAP v2.0.61 and App Tester

IAP v2.0.61 and new version of App Tester released to fix getPurchaseUpdates issue with AppTester

February 2015

App Tester no longer outputs logs with extraneous information. Calls to getPurchaseUpdates() now return the correct requestId when testing IAP with the App Tester. Download the latest versions of the SDK and App Tester to access these fixes.

IAP v2.0.59

IAP v2.0.59 released to ensure compatibility with Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop)

January 2015

The Amazon Android SDKs now includes updated versions of the IAP APIs (v1.0.20 and v2.0.59) that support using the recently updated Amazon App Tester in testing and development for apps that target Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop).

App Tester for Lollipop

App Tester for IAP v2.0 is now compliant with Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop)

December 2014

The App Tester testing tool for IAP v2.0 and Mobile Associates has a new signature to make the App Tester compatible with Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop). If you are targeting Android 5.0 and have implemented IAP v2.0, uninstall your old App Tester, and then download and install the new version of the tool. If you are not targeting Android OS 5.0, you do not need do anything. See Installing and Configuring the App Tester. This version of App Tester is FireTv Stick enabled.

Archived Documentation Updates

Updated IAP v2.0 documentation published for the Receipt Verification Service (RVS), Obfuscating Your App's Code, and Linking to Amazon within Your App

December 2014

The RVS documentation now includes more information about how to set up both the sandbox environment and your server to use RVS, including a new comprehensive code sample. Both Obfuscating Your App's Codeand Linking to Amazon within Your App have undergone thorough updates to improve readability and usability and to ensure technical accuracy.

New Google Play IAB to Amazon IAP Migration guide published

December 2014

If your app currently use Google Play's In-App Billing, and you want to start implementing Amazon's In-App Purchasing, this document will teach you about the differences between these to implementations and help you start making the appropriate changes to your code. To learn more, see Migrating from Google Play's IAB to Amazon's IAP.

Updated IAP FAQ and Migration Guide (v1.0 to v2.0)

November 2014

The IAP FAQs for v1.0 and v2.0 have been consolidated into a single FAQ with version differences called out. Additionally, the Migration Guide for porting your code from IAP v1.0 to IAP v2.0 has been updated and streamlined to present a linear process for updating your code. See FAQ for In-App Purchasing (IAP) and Migrating from IAP v1.0 to IAP v2.0 to read the updated documentation.

Updated documentation for IAP testing tools

October 2014

The documentation for testing the IAP API has been updated to clearly define a recommended testing process and testing options. The new documentation set includes comprehensive instructions for installing, configuring, and using the App Tester tool for IAP v2.0. See Testing In-App Purchasing (IAP) to read the updated documentation.