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Get Started with Live App Testing

This page provides an introduction on how to use Amazon's Live App Testing (LAT) service. Here you can learn how to add testers, manage your tests, and provide instructions to your testers.

Add testers to your app

  1. Go to and sign in with your developer account. Select App List and choose the app you want to set up Live App Testing on.

  2. Select Live App Testing from the menu under your app's name.
    • If this is the first time you are setting up a test for your app, select Create a new live app test and choose OK on the confirmation dialog. Next, select Go to Dashboard.
    • If you have previously set up a test for your app, when you select Live App Testing you are taken to the Live App Testing dashboard.
  3. The Live App Testing dashboard lists active tests for your app. Select Manage testers to add testers.

    Manage testers
    Manage testers
  4. On the testers screen, select Add new testers. All testers must be in a group. From this screen, you can choose to add new testers or add existing testers from an existing group.

    1. Select the Add new testers radio button.
    2. You can either upload a CSV file or add testers individually. If you use a CSV file, list the testers with the format: E-mail,First name,Last name. If you add testers individually, use the plus button Plus button to add more. You can add yourself as a tester to get an invitation email and be notified that the app is available to download and test.
    3. Add the testers to a group by either creating a new group, or adding the testers to an existing group.
      • To create a new group, select Create new tester group. This opens a new field labeled Add new tester group. Click the checkbox for Add new tester group and enter a name for the group in the field.

        Create new group
        Create new group
        Name new group
        Name new group
      • To add the tester to an existing group, select the groups to which you want the tester added.

    4. You must have the rights to provide the testers' names and email addresses to Amazon and the testers must be at least 18 years old. To confirm this, click the checkbox with this statement and select Add.
    1. Select the Add existing testers radio button.
    2. Under Existing testers, use the radio buttons to choose whether to add entire groups or select specific testers from one or more groups.
    3. After choosing the groups or testers, select Add.
    Add existing testers
    Add existing testers
  5. After adding testers, go to the Live App Testing dashboard to view the active tests.
  6. Under Actions, select the three dots and then select Submit.


You have completed the process. Testers receive two notifications, an email link and, if eligible, a push notification on their device. After submitting your app to Live App Testing, it can take up to several hours before your testers receive their email invitations. See Steps for app testers below for more information.

Tester Management

To view all testers and tester groups on your account, select Apps & Services > Tester Management from the developer console menu. On the tester management screen, you can view and manage your testers and groups, and add new testers.

Managing your test

After your app is published and live, you can either end your test, or promote your test to an upcoming version.  By promoting your app to an upcoming version, you can make finishing touches such as uploading final screenshots or metadata before going live.

Tests that have ended appear on the Live App Testing dashboard under the Past Tests section.

Past Tests
Past Tests

If you're testing IAP functionality with your app, you can reset any entitlement purchases that testers previously made with your app through the Reset Tester Entitlements button. For example, suppose as a tester you purchased an entitlement in the app (such as a one-time purchase to unlock all levels) during Live App Testing (LAT). When the next version of the app is released, you might want to restart your testing without the entitlement already purchased. You can reset your entitlement by clicking Reset Tester Entitlements.

Resetting tester entitlements
Resetting Tester Entitlements

Testing new versions of published apps

You can test new versions of published apps, by selecting your app in the Amazon Developer Console and clicking Live App Testing, at the top of the screen. The first time you create a test version of a published app, APKs and metadata are copied from the live version to create the test version.

APKs and metadata can then be modified for the test, if necessary. Subsequent test versions are created by copying the APKs and metadata from the most recent test version of the app.

Steps for app testers

App testers can download your test app on their devices and perform user tests.

Participants will receive notifications to perform app testing: an email invitation and a push notification to their device. Follow steps in the sections below to download the test app and perform app testing.

Enable tester notifications for LAT

In order to receive email or push notifications to test apps, you need to enable promotional emails from the Amazon Appstore. Make sure each tester has enabled email notifications. To be eligible for push notifications, testers need to use the same email that is registered to the devices they will use for testing.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Your Account > Communication and content > Communication preferences.
  3. Go to Email Preferences section and expand Promotional Emails.
  4. Make sure Amazon Appstore is selected in this list of promotional emails.
  5. Select Update to save changes.

Test an app from an email invitation

Your testers will receive an email that contains a link to your app's test page with instructions on how to download and install your app on Fire and Android devices.

Testers need to perform the following steps to test your app from an email notification.

  1. Click the link for the marketplace that you will be testing:

    LAT invitation email
    LAT invitation email

    The link will open the retail page for the app in the specified marketplace.

  2. On the app retail page, from the Deliver To: drop-down menu, select the device where you want to install the app.

    App retail page
    App retail page

    If a particular device is not available in the tester's current marketplace, that device will not appear in the drop-down menu. If none of the devices that your app targets are available in a given marketplace, the drop-down menu will be replaced with a Continue button on the app's retail page:

    Device not available
    Device not available
  3. Install the app to the specified device. You can test on as many devices as you have associated with your Amazon account that the app targets.

Test an app from a push notification

In addition to the email notification, testers can receive a push notification on their Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Android devices. Testers are eligible to receive push notifications for LAT if the device is registered to the account used for LAT test email notifications.

When you receive a push notification, tap or select the notification on the device. Testers are directed to the app's test page on the Amazon Appstore, where they can download the app and perform user tests.

Submitting your app directly from Live App Testing

Once you are satisfied with your app testing results, you can directly submit your app to be published to the Amazon Appstore. To directly submit your app:

  1. Navigate to your Live App Testing Dashboard page.
  2. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Promote to Upcoming.

You will be required to fill out any missing metadata for your app, but you will not need to re-upload your binary file . Amazon will email you when your app is live on the Amazon Appstore.

Last updated: May 18, 2022