CES 2023 Wrap: 10 videos that showcase Amazon's vision for ambient intelligence

Staff Writer Jan 20, 2023
Amazon CES 2023

Amazon is collaborating with the  leading brands and startups around the world to create the next generation of ambient experiences for people at home, at home and on the go.

If you weren't able to make it for the event, the ten videos below will allow you to check out the next generation of customer experiences for Amazon Devices and Services, Amazon for Auto, Ring, and Zoox. 

If you did get to visit the Amazon Experience Area, then these videos will allow you to relive your experience, and experience how ambient computing can create magical experiences for every aspect of your day-to-day lives.

1. CES wrap up video

Take a look at highlights from Amazon at CES and learn how ambient intelligence makes more possible at home, at work, and on the go.

2. Interview with Dave Limp

Hear from Dave Limp, SVP Amazon Devices & Services about what excites him most about the current "golden age of AI"  including the innovation automotive, assistive robotics such as Labrador, and how the incredible power of Alexa, and experiences created by our partners come together to create a world of ambient intelligence. 

3. Interview with Kelly Wenzel, director of Alexa's B2B and developer marketing

Kelly Wenzel, director of Alexa B2B & Developer programs talks about two demos that inspired her at the Amazon Experience Area.

4. Interview with Rohit Prasad, SVP and Alexa head scientist

Rohit Prasad, SVP, Alexa Head Scientist, chats with Kelly Wenzel, Director, Alexa B2B & Developer Programs, about what he found fascinating at CES 2023, including how the vision of ambient intelligence and ambient computing is a reality in every exhibit.

5. Panasonic SkipGen In-Vehicle Infotainment system

Panasonic Automotive Systems, a global expert in connected automotive infotainment solutions and division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, announced a joint collaboration with Amazon to update its SkipGen in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system by demonstrating an industry-first automotive integration that provides customers simultaneous access to "Hey Siri" in Apple CarPlay or Alexa by simply speaking either service’s wake word.

6.  Hey Disney custom assistant

Amazon and Disney previously announced that they are teaming up to create Hey Disney!, an entirely new kind of voice assistant that will work alongside Alexa on supported Echo devices at home and in select Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms.

For the first time, Amazon demoed Hey Disney!’s capabilities in-person during CES, showcasing to attendees the magic behind this highly anticipated assistant. In-resort, the Hey Disney! magical companion is making the guest experience even more seamless, allowing them to do things like request more blankets or towels, or ask for park & transportation hours, resort amenities, and more.

Additionally, this magical voice AI will provide customers access to hundreds of natural utterances featuring 25+ iconic Disney’s characters both in-resort and at home. Disney began installing Echo family devices with the Hey Disney! Magical Companion in select hotel rooms within Disney's Polynesian Village Resort as part of an initial deployment.

6.  Labrador Systems personal assistive robot

The Labrador Retriever is a new type of personal assistive robot that physically helps people move large loads around the home (such as the laundry basket, groceries, or dishes for the table) and keeps essential items within their reach. Amazon’s Alexa Fund is an investor in Labrador Systems, which has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to fund its work into developing new technology for enabling assistive robots for personal care and COVID-19 protection.

8. Cognixion assisted reality headset

Cognixion seeks to help people worldwide who are affected by speech disabilities or cognitive impairments. The company provides affordable and accessible AI-based technologies like the Cognixion ONE “Assisted Reality” headset.

9. Orbital Systems eco-friendly smart shower

Sweden’s Orbital Systems developed a smart shower that can dramatically cut water usage while delivering a superior shower experience that purifies, filters, and recirculates used water at home

10. Ring

At CES 2023, Ring showcased its expanded product offerings with the Ring Car Cam which is available for pre-order. Ring Car Cam extends Ring security from your home to your vehicle with a dual-facing camera for interior and exterior recording, and smart sensors to detect certain events around and inside your vehicle, whether it’s parked or on the go.

Ring also announced the Ring Peephole Cam, a video doorbell that can be easily installed over an existing door peephole in an apartment or rental property. With a 1080p HD camera, night vision, Two-Way Talk, and Knock and Motion Detection, Peephole Cam is perfect for renters.

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