Building with Matter and Thread: Three reasons Eve Systems turned to Amazon to accelerate growth

Yiwen Xu Jul 20, 2022
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When smart home product trailblazer Eve Systems looked for ways to leverage Matter to accelerate the growth of their smart home business beyond their current footprint, they decided to integrate with Alexa. Partnering with Amazon enables Eve to reach tens of millions of Alexa customers, and provide a best-in-class product experience with features like Frustration-Free Setup for Matter over Thread devices. 

“Amazon's ability to help us grow our business and help our customers transition to Matter made it an easy choice to develop differentiated experiences with Alexa for Matter,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. 

A shared commitment to shaping the future
With an eye on the future as well as serving the customers of today, it was critical for Eve to work with a partner that shared the same vision for the smart home. Amazon, like Eve, focuses on simplifying the setup experience to make smart home products more accessible to customers, while also providing increased flexibility and choice to select their preferred devices.

J. Gackel spoke about Eve’s commitment to the Matter protocol in shaping the smart home of the future. “We are incredibly committed to Matter as it future-proofs customers’ homes by allowing smart home devices from different vendors to work seamlessly together. Amazon is equally passionate about the customer experience, and their vision for enabling easy and interoperable smart home devices with Alexa resonated with us,” says J. Gackel. 

Focus on the customer - simplified setup for increased lifetime value 
As part of Eve and Amazon’s partnership to simplify customer experience, Eve will bring Frustration-Free Setup to all its Matter-enabled devices. Frustration-Free Setup allows customers to add smart home devices with a zero-touch experience, where devices are automatically connected to the network and ready to use as soon as the device is powered on. J. Gackel cited Amazon’s customer obsession and history of innovation with features like Frustration-Free Setup as the primary drivers behind the decision to forge ahead with Amazon and develop differentiated Matter experiences with Alexa. 

“Easy installation and privacy have been key features of all Eve accessories and are core to our brand,” says J. Gackel. “With Eve, devices are up and running in seconds. There’s no need for signup or registration, and everything is local and direct. Frustration-Free Setup takes simplicity of the Eve experience to the next level.”

Access to an established smart home install base
With the opportunity to connect to existing devices in customers’ homes and sell to a brand new customer base, Eve viewed Amazon as the best partner to quickly expand and help them transition into Matter. Eve is already partnering with Amazon to reach customers who shop on every day. With the Works with Alexa badge, Alexa customers will be able to easily find Eve products and have confidence it will work with their smart home. This will help ensure a successful setup experience, and customers will be less likely to return devices. 

“Amazon is a major provider of Thread infrastructure, laying the foundation for the most seamless smart home experience. Customers will have a smooth transition to Matter and tap into the convenience of Alexa’s voice control, routines, and other innovative features like Alexa Guard and Hunches,” says J. Gackel.

Amazon's support for the Thread Protocol, with Thread networks already available to millions of homes via eero's routers, instilled confidence in Eve that new and existing customers will have a seamless Matter experience with Alexa. Furthermore, Amazon will be supporting Matter over Thread across millions of new and existing Echo and eero devices. This will provide customers with more access to Thread networks in the home, making it easier to setup and control Matter-enabled devices with Alexa. 

How to get started with Frustration-Free Setup
To join Eve and other device makers such as Nanoleaf and Leedarson in implementing Frustration Free Setup for Matter over Thread devices, please visit the Amazon developer portal where we have documentations for Matter over Thread and Matter over WiFi


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