Build and Launch Alexa Built-in Products with Solution Providers

Celine Chalhoub Jul 18, 2019
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We are constantly looking for ways to enable better collaboration between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the rich portfolio of Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Solution Providers, including Systems Integrators (SIs), Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), chipset suppliers, and development kit providers. With our newly launched tools and enhancements, OEMs can follow an easier Alexa integration path, benefiting from pre-qualified solutions and process efficiencies to achieve an accelerated path to market.

The AVS Solution Provider Program has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from 18 SIs14 ODMs, and 12 development kit providers. Depending on an OEM’s needs for their Alexa project, a solution provider could provide end-to-end hardware and software Alexa integration support, ranging from help testing AVS devices and building a companion app, to providing reference solutions that assist in the development process. In order to ensure that OEMs have a successful and smooth Alexa integration process, we on-board, train, support, and monitor these solution providers to evolve their capabilities and empower them to drive innovative and high-quality experiences for Alexa customers.

Developer Portal Enhancements

To further foster collaboration between OEMs and Solution Providers, we have launched new features on the AVS developer portal. With the Product Access Control feature, OEMs can grant access to solution providers at the product level, allowing them to manage different parts of the development cycle. This same feature also allows OEMs to control product access and ensure confidentiality on specific projects, making it easier to innovate and iterate on products. The Role Based Access Control feature further enhances access control capabilities by allowing account administrators to assign roles to users in their account and control functionalities that their users can access.

New Development Kit Comparison Table

AVS also works with technology providers to bring OEMs a robust portfolio of development kits that help them prototype Alexa Built-in devices faster and at a lower cost, accelerating their path to market. This portfolio now includes 18 dev kits spanning smart speakers, smart screens, smart home, mesh WiFi routers, micro-controllers, headsets, and set top boxes, among others. To help OEMs select a dev kit that best fits their needs, we have launched a Development Kit Comparison Table that allows filtering and comparison across key metrics including the example target application, platform architecture type, and supported features. Not only does this Development Kit Comparison Table reduce the time spent searching for and comparing dev kits, it also increases developer confidence in their choices.

“With the growth of the Solution Provider Program and the recent enhancements made to the developer portal, we are further empowering developers to navigate the process of building and launching Alexa Built-in devices. By making the development process clearer and more efficient, we can help device makers to achieve their business goals,” says Priya Abani, director of Alexa Voice Service.

To further complement these process efficiencies, we are continually improving the developer experience for all levels of expertise. For developers just starting their AVS journey, we launched the Give Your Product a Voice with Alexa tutorial video, which provides an overview of the process and refers to relevant AVS Documentation pages. As questions arise along the way, developers can quickly check for answers on the revamped AVS Frequently Asked Questions page or submit a question on the highly-monitored AVS Knowledge Base and Forum for an AVS member to address within 48 hours.

AVS is committed to supporting developers along their Alexa integration journey. Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon.