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Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators (SIs) offer hardware modules, software, and services that help device makers easily integrate Alexa into connected products. The system-level solutions offered by SIs can reduce the development effort for device makers and help them get products to market faster.


Linkplay is an AVS SI that offers Wi-Fi audio hardware, and software modules to integrate Alexa into connected products. Linkplay has supported many device makers in their development and launch of Alexa-enabled products. Linkplay offers a variety of solutions to implement music services support, and multi-room speaker capabilities.

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Libre Wireless Technologies

Libre Wireless develops and delivers optimized embedded wireless solutions for broad voice/audio CE, Smart Home and IoT applications. As an AVS SI, Libre offers scalable and flexible mic-to-cloud embedded hardware and software solutions, ranging from integrated, ultra-small, ultra-low power AVS solutions, to multicore processor platform solutions.

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DTS Play-Fi

DTS Play-Fi provides the freedom to wirelessly stream lossless high resolution music to over 200 products from 26 leading brands. With support for Amazon Alexa and multiple music services from around the world, DTS Play-Fi is the solution of choice for many products in the industry.

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Sugr offers full-stack hardware and software solutions to develop high-definition Wi-Fi audio systems that include acoustic echo cancellation, dynamic range control, noise reduction, sound source detection, programmable equalizer, and bass enhancement. Sugr Sense X1 is a single microphone turnkey solution that is optimized to integrate Alexa into products designed for the smart home.

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