Introducing Product Access Control for the AVS Developer Portal

Vinay Athma Mar 13, 2019
Alexa Voice Service Developer Console News

On 8-March-2019, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) launched a new capability in the AVS Developer Portal called Product Access Control. This capability enables portal users with the Administrator role to manage which AVS products the users in their account can access.

Product Access Control is useful for two core reasons:

  • Working with External Entities: If your company works closely with external entities such as AVS System Integrators (SIs) or Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs)Product Access Control allows you to invite and grant access to users for specific AVS products in your developer account. This makes it easy for external parties to collaborate with your company on a specific product without being able to see or access other AVS devices in your account.
  • Maintaining Product Secrecy: If your developer account has an AVS product that you do not want accessible by others in your company (e.g. a secret project), Product Access Control allows you to restrict who has access to that product.

Product Access Control can be accessed within “AVS Developer Portal > My Preferences > Users & Access.” Please note that this capability is available only to users who have an Administrator role in your developer account. See the screenshot below:

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