The top challenges facing hospitality today—and how Alexa helps solve them

Staff Writer Apr 04, 2024
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From evolving consumer preferences to major technological advancements, the hospitality landscape is shifting every day. But with travel booming once again, property managers have the opportunity to drive growth with tech-driven solutions that enhance operations and delight customers. 

That’s where Alexa comes in, delivering voice-enabled solutions that empower hotels, rental agencies, and other venues to innovate and keep guests coming back. Let’s dive deeper into the key challenges facing hospitality properties and explore how Alexa Smart Properties (ASP) helps alleviate them. 

Overcoming staffing shortages

According to a recent survey of 200 hotels conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), 87% of hotels in the United States do not have enough staff. Their polling also showed that 36% of respondents recognized “severe staff shortages.”

The consequences of such shortages can multiply quickly. Existing employees face a more demanding day-to-day job and are at higher risk of burnout or dissatisfaction—ultimately making it more difficult to retain staff. 

By deploying Alexa-enabled devices in every room using Alexa Smart Properties, you can help alleviate the burden on staff members by directing guests’ voice-generated requests to the right team or fulfilling them with automated solutions. 

Eden Crest, a vacation rental company in Tennessee, saw a 25% reduction in calls to staff when guests used an Alexa-enabled device. This gives front desk and concierge staff the ability to focus on higher-value work and serve the needs of the people right in front of them. 

Meeting higher guest expectations

Today’s guests expect more from hotel stays. Some guests want as much control over their stay as possible, while others prioritize unique experiences. That means properties need both the right technology and an eye for detail to stand out in the crowd. 

So how do you prioritize comfort for guests with all types of preferences? Start by putting the power in their hands. With ASP’s 24/7 virtual concierge, guests can control their environment easily and request amenities using the most intuitive medium possible: their voice. It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, close the drapes” or “Alexa, can I have more towels?”

Personalization is another key differentiator in the modern hospitality market. Studies show that 78% of travelers are more likely to book with properties that offer personalized experiences. 

Take Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, for example. In operation for over 125 years, Fairmont is one of Quebec’s most historic hotels. To adapt to a tech-driven world while preserving its reputation for high service standards, Fairmont collaborated with Alexa Smart Properties. Today, their unique Alexa experience offers a new way to fulfills guests’ requests faster than ever in both French and English.

Driving customer loyalty to unlock revenue

Beyond attracting guests and prioritizing comfort, control, and personalization, there’s the puzzle of generating more revenue per stay. With Alexa-enabled devices in every room, you can draw more attention to your on-property restaurants, gift shops, spas, and other paid services, as well as special offers that drive repeat visits.

After deploying ASP, Ascot Racecourse in the UK recorded a 90% increase in food and beverage revenue. Rather than calling on an employee, guests now simply ask, “Alexa, can I order some food?”

More options at the ready translates to more satisfied guests, too; at Circa Resort & Casino, post-stay guest survey data shows that guests had an 88% satisfaction rate with the Echo Show 8 devices in their rooms. 

Alexa Smart Properties lets you centrally manage devices across your property. This allows you the ability to schedule in-room messages at specific times for all your guests, such as an on-screen reminder of your Happy Hour times every afternoon an hour before they start. You can also send special offers only to specific guests, such as those in specific tiers of your loyalty program. 

Scalable voice experiences from ASP also feature analytics to showcase device usage, helping you understand how—and when—guests need assistance. Above all, these insights offer a blueprint to keep guests engaged and delighted throughout their stay.

Ready to see everything Alexa Smart Properties can do? Connect with us to get started. 

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