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Staff Writer Sep 27, 2023
Alexa Skills


There are a number of ways to crate the next generation of ambient experiences — our Tech Talks offer in-depth tips and tutorials from experts to expand your capabilities and keep up with the latest developments in voice.

From streamlining your skill creation process to boosting user engagement and refining conversation design, check out three of our most popular recent Tech Talks.

Leverage the Alexa Design Guide

The Alexa Design Guide provides key insights into crafting conversations that make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to get things done with voice.

Watch this Tech Talk featuring Alison Atwell, senior voice user interface designer, and Helen Hasbun, product marketing manager, to dive deeper into the guide—including highlights and key pages to optimize your conversation design. 



Experience the new skill creation process

Whether it’s selecting a voice interaction model or choosing how you want to host your Alexa skill, building voice experiences is full of decisions. But with updates to the developer console, you get a set of built-in resources to streamline skill creation. 

Tune in as senior product manager Maitrayee Choubey outlines how you can leverage new features to compare voice interaction models and maintain visibility across your skill-building process—in turn helping you get to market even faster. 


Increase skill engagement with widgets

Ready to bring your skill to new audiences and give users the most updated information directly to their device’s home screen? Then it’s time to get to know everything widgets can do with our Tech Talk featuring senior solutions architects Karthik Ragubathy and Kay Lerch from the Alexa Multimodal Initiatives.

Follow along for an inside look at how you can use widgets to increase engagement and drive users to the most interesting parts of your skill right away

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