Stack Overflow: A new way for developers to get support for Alexa

Helen Hasbun Oct 04, 2023
Alexa Skills

Today, Amazon announced new ways for developers building with Alexa to receive technical support on Stack Overflow. Starting immediately, you will be able to get answers to questions on the AWS Collective page on Stack Overflow. You can use Alexa-related tags to get support from Alexa’s developer advocacy group and the broader developer community.

Prior to today, developers could receive technical support from the Developer Advocacy group through the “Contact Us” feature on the Alexa developer console. You could also get questions answered from your peers via the Alexa Developer Forum or Slack channel

With today’s announcement, you can ask development related questions on the AWS Collective page on Stack Overflow, and receive responses in ways that are faster than what was possible before. The timing of responses from questions submitted via channels such as the Contact Us page or the Slack Channel were contingent on factors such as time zones and business hours. Now, with Stack Overflow, you will be able to receive responses from your peers and experts at Amazon way faster than what was possible before 

Visit the AWS Collective page on Stack Overflow, and engage with an enthusiastic community of Alexa users, developers, and enthusiasts.

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