Drive skill engagement with the Alexa Routines Kit

Make skills part of your customers’ daily lives by embedding them in useful Routines. 

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If you have published an Alexa skill, contact us and get a sneak peek into the workings of the Alexa Routines Kit.

What is Alexa Routines Kit?

Learn more about how Alexa Routines Kit helps drive skill engagement

ARK offers skill builders the ability to craft pre-built routines, embed their skill within those routines, and proactively surface those routines to their customers when they are interacting with their skill.

Alexa Live: Drive skill engagement and retention

Hear new ways you can drive skill engagement and offer personalized experiences to your customers.

Alexa Demo: Jaguar delivery

Watch Alexa Routines Kit in action and see how Jaguar Land Rover makes it easy to remotely interact with a car using voice technology.

Alexa Routines Kit

Benefit to end-consumers
Discover useful pre-built Routines

Customers can discover inspiring and useful Routine ideas through pre-built Routines, thus simplifying their lives in ways they might not have envisioned.



Easily enable Routines through simple voice consent 

Customers can discover pre-built Routines as part of their skill experience and enable them with a simple ‘Yes’. 

Make actions within skills part of Routines

Customers can enable actions within skills to be part of their Routines, e.g. a specific podcast within a podcast skill.

Benefit to skill builders
Build deeper non-transactional relationship with customers

By surfacing useful pre-built Routines, skill builders can easily make their skills, or actions within their skills (using Custom Tasks in Routines), part of customers’ daily habits, thus enabling a long-term relationship.

Enable customers to experience a skill without invocation

Ambient Routine triggers such as ‘Time’ enable customers to experience skills without having to invoke them. 

Growth in engaged and stickier customers

Monthly engagement of customers using a skill in a Routine is seven times higher compared to customers who don’t use that skill in a routine. The six-month retention of customers using a skill in a routine is eight times higher when compared to customers who don’t use that skill in a routine.

Alexa Routines

Benefit to end-consumers
Automate daily tasks

Customers can enable a sequence of actions based on a trigger event, thus automating repetitive tasks (e.g. turn-off patio light at sunset) or tasks that can be forgotten (e.g. locking doors at night).



Set up Routines using ambient triggers

Routines can be configured to trigger on ‘ambient events’ such as when a customer arrives home, when motion is detected near the front door, and more. 


Focus on high-value tasks

Automating repetitive tasks enables customers to spend time and effort on tasks that require greater cognition.

Benefit to skill builders
Become part of customers’ daily lives

Routines generate habit-forming behavior in customers.

Create more highly engaged customers

Routines users have four times the engagement compared to non-Routine users.

Enjoy greater customer retention

Routine users’ retention rate is 40% higher compared to non-Routine users.

Case studies

Hear from developers who have used Alexa Routines Kit to become part of their customers’ daily lives.


National Public Radio (NPR) Story with Routines: See how NPR utilized the Alexa Routines Kit to help its customers make their favorite NPR content a part of their mornings.

All India Radio Story with Routines: How All India Radio increased skill engagement by 19% by making radio listening a part of listeners’ daily routines

Jaguar Land Rover Story with Routines: Watch how Jaguar Land Rover offers its customers peace of mind using the Alexa Routines Kit.

Start building now

Ready to get started with Alexa skills? Learn how to start building today with the Alexa Skills Kit, or explore how you can grow your business with Alexa skills.