Devs & Coffee Episode 3: Creating viral moments with Hugo Catchpole

Amanda Lange Jul 18, 2023
Alexa Skills

When Hugo Catchpole sits down to build an Alexa skill, he prioritizes one objective: creating a fun experience. 

As the founder of voice studio, Catchpole has published over 200 skills to the Alexa marketplace, He has even attracted the attention of celebrity users like Seth Rogen, in addition to going viral on TikTok. 

So what are the secrets to creating a video that gets people excited enough to share with their friends and family?

“As long as a skill is entertaining and people are having fun, there’s a chance it will go viral,” said Catchpole. 

In this episode of Devs & Coffee, Catchpole details how he got his start in voice, the iterative process he uses to develop skills that keep customers coming back, and why a lighthearted approach has paid off to grow his business.

Early on, Catchpole made a concerted effort to release a wide variety of skills, ranging from quiz games to animal sound companions and audio effects designed for a quick laugh. After keeping an eye on analytics, he chose to optimize the skills that had gained most traction. He leveraged tools like Alexa Presentation Language (APL) and Alexa routines to add depth and encourage repeat engagement among users. 

Tune in to the full conversation and hear more of Catchpole’s insights into what it takes to create skills that generate buzz, then start building yourself.

[Learn more about Hugo Catchpole on his Alexa Champions page]

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