Introducing Devs & Coffee: Candid conversations about building with voice

Sanjeev Sridharan Jun 28, 2023
Alexa Skills

Have you ever wondered how successful Alexa developers got their start? Or what was the “light bulb moment” that helped them come up with a viral skill to connect with hundreds of millions of customers around the world?

Our new video series Devs & Coffee offers authentic and unscripted conversations with leading developers within the Alexa community. From the origins of their voice journeys all the way to the finer points of their skill creation processes, each episode provides a personal perspective on what it takes to stand out in the Alexa development landscape. 

With best practices, expert tips, and insights into industry trends, you’ll get an exclusive look at what works when it comes to building effective skills (and, just as importantly, what doesn’t). You’ll also come away with tips about the tools each developer relies on to connect with users, as well as strategies that have helped them generate revenue from their Alexa Skills. 



In episode 1, we sit down with Tapan Chauhan of Smart Voice Studio. Today, Smart Voice Studio is a five-employee agency that builds skills and offers consulting services across a wide range of industries. In the beginning, however, it was a side project for Chauhan and his co-founder, Angadveer Singh. 

Tune in and find out how Chauhan made the transition to become a full-time skill builder and voice entrepreneur. Plus, learn why Alexa Presentation Language (APL)account linking, and In-Skill-Purchasing have been crucial to expand the studio‘s roster of Alexa Skills and boost revenue.

[Discover more of Tapan’s tips for leveraging In-skill purchasing]

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