Alexa Live 2022 is on July 20: Sign up to learn about the newest features and tools designed to help developers shape the next generation of ambient experiences

Staff Writer Jun 02, 2022
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Amazon announced today that it will host its annual Alexa Live event for developers on July 20 at 9:00 a.m. PST. Alexa Live 2022 is free to attend, fully online, and developers can sign up at the event registration page

Alexa Live 2022 will provide attendees with a deep dive behind the science powering the next generation of ambient intelligence – a world in which technology understands the state of your environment and your preferences, helps you when you need it, and recedes into the background when you don't. Amazon will also announce a wide variety of tools and services designed to help skill builders and device makers take advantage of this innovation, and create the next generation of customer experiences.

“Our vision for ambient computing can only be realized by extensive collaboration between teams at Alexa and all of our partners,” said Kelly Wenzel, Director of Business to Business and Developer Marketing at Alexa. “Alexa Live 2022 is our opportunity to showcase the many products, programs, and services we’ve designed specifically to help brands and builders leverage Alexa’s growing footprint to innovate on behalf of customers.”

"Our vision for ambient computing can only be realized  by extensive collaboration between teams at Alexa and all of our partners" 

-Kelly Wenzel, Director Business to Business and Developer Marketing

There are now hundreds of millions of Alexa devices out there with customers around the world.  People are using Alexa to play their favorite songs, read the latest headlines, dim the lights in their living rooms, and lots more. At Alexa Live 2022, developers will learn about the tools and features that they can use to create high-quality customer experiences. In addition, leaders from Amazon will share insights on where they are seeing increased engagement with Alexa, and provide tips to developers to capitalize on these opportunities to grow their businesses. 

The keynote and breakout sessions will feature case studies from brands like Philips, Disney and skill builders like LC Publishing.  Attendees will walk away with actionable steps they can take to work collectively to further innovation in the era of ambient intelligence.

Please visit the Alexa Live 2022 registration page to see the agenda, and register for the event.

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